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Saturday, December 04, 2004


What do you value that you would fight and die for?

For some people, the answer to that question is Freedom.

Freedom is the cornerstone and foundation of America, the inalienable right given to all individuals; freedom to assemble, freedom of speech, freedom to worship as one pleases, freedom to belong to ANY political party - democratic, republican, independant, communist, facist.

Freedom: fostered, preserved, and protected rigoursly in the United States.

But with Freedom comes great responsiblity as well as bounderies.

We are not free to take something someone has simply because we want it - nor to hurt or injure someone simply because... (fill in whatever reason or excuse you choose). We are held accountable for our actions and our choices. And while people have the right to assemble, and to voice their discontent at our gov'ts policy - to voice their discontent at the our presence in Iraq- there are bounderies of both decency and civility that exist and should be respected.

When you spit on someone - that boundary has been crossed - as far as I'm concerned.

Freedom to express oneself may be protected...but since when is spitting on someone an expression of anything other than ignorance, and stupidity? And why does that have to be protected?

Spit on me..and the next move you make is from a hospital bed....or at the very least I'd slap you HARD...really hard...and while someone may think I was being excessive in my response...I'm betting 9 out 10 ppl would applaud me.

I suppose I could turn my cheek and walk away, but screw that - spitting on me is attacking my person. And when my person is attacked that opens the door widely for me to exercise a reasonable response: Kick his ass from here to hell and back!

If we all have the freedom to exercise our beliefs, and that includes serving our country and our president, we also all have the right to disagree, but we still have a responsbility to voice that disagreement in a way that doesnt degrade someone else.

Disagree with me on my political views and you can voice that disagreement verbally, in writing or in peaceful protest, and that's fair and protected, but spit on me, and you've crossed the line.

My friend, while going to work, where he earns his livelihood, was spit on, by someone who felt that his chosen profession - which is to serve our country in the Marines - was disgusting in light of all the "atrocities" being visited in Iraq. My friend turned his other cheek - his uniform dictates the conduct that he must uphold. But let's face it if the press got wind of a guy in uniform responding as I DID, well, we all know the backlash would be vitrolic.

Freedom can be unfair at times! But Freedom is valuable and should never be taken for granted. Visit other countries where speaking against the gov't will ensure that you aren't given the option to spit because you are silenced permanently and suddenly you appreciate how very fortunate we are to enjoy the freedoms that we do.

People that have chosen to serve in any area of the military have chosen to protect all of us including the "spitter" from the insanity of others who would take our own personal freedoms and trample on them completely - obliterating them -if given the chance to come to full power. That is a concept that the "spitter's" feeble mind is incapable of comprehending.

In the spitters mind, Bin Laden has a right to fly civilians planes into buildings, blow up trains, kills jews, americans, and anyone whom he sees as the "infidels" and deny anyone the freedoms that Americans fought long and hard to attain; freedoms that we cherish like freedom of speech including voicing dissention against the governments actions or policies without having one's tongue cut out. The 'spitter' believes that the US gov't and those that work for it - those that protect the right of the "spitter" to voice his discontent by protesting- are worse than Bin Laden and are worth spitting on!

Fuck him!

When he spit on my friend, a Marine, he spit on the U.S. Constitution, on civility, on decency, and on every freedom that we have.

He spit on me and he spit on you.

While the "spitter" enjoys his freedom without respecting anyone else's freedom - those who serve our country never take that freedom for granted -they respect it, value it, fight for it, and are willing to die for it.


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