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Thursday, March 31, 2005

A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

"The Young Communists of America" reps appeared on Fox News this morning spouting their vitriol about Whitehouse and Lawmakers who tried to intervene in the Terri Schiavo case. They felt it was an act an odds with the constitution, and the "height of hypocrisy" from a gov't created for "the people about the people by the people", a gov't that "doesnt support abortion, or stem cell research that would allow humans to improve their quality of life, and that "sentenced 100k people to death in Iraq". They contend that Pres. Bush's "culture of life" rationale to support gov't and lawmakers intervention in Terri's case is the "height of hypocrisy", and gov't interference with the "law of the land" is reprehensible.

They also claim that the war in Iraq and, by fiat ,the war on terror is based on lies. Interesting! What they seem ignorant of is that this pro abortion law that they support aka as Roe V Wade , was founded on muliple lies, the first lie being the lie of rape, and that both attorneys used these two women (Roe and Doe)to further their personal liberal agenda.

Had the Supreme Court not intervened with the "law of the land" 25 years ago, but rather upheld the "law of the land" at the time, then Roe V Wade would not be a part of the Constitution and the right to murder an unborn child, a position they support, would still be illegal in most states.

Its okay to o pull a feeding tube from a living human being who's only crime is that she is mentally handicapped, yet sentient and cognizant, simply because the husband's right to decide her future is protected by an archaic law, (he has no hidden agenda huh...???), but its NOT okay to rid the world of a man who was in violation of a UN resolution agreed upon by the entire world, who lied, and who was still doing business in violation of that resolution with key members of the security council, resulting in a nation being rebuilt and the liberation of millions of Iraqi's who braved the not so idle threat of death to vote in their first ever free election for the right to determine their future and create a gov't for "the people about the people by the people"( to quote that wingnut communist on Fox News this morning), and its NOT okay for lawmakers and the gov't to keep Terri alive until due process can determine Michael Schiavo's true motives???

So who's position now is "the height of hyprocrisy"?

The height of stupidity is what I use to describe this group of fools.
Their website states their positions and goals. Here's one of my favorites:

They feel that ILLEGAL immigrants are entitled to all the rights and protections afforded any legal citizen of the US under the US Constitution! They seem to suffer from some kind of collective and individual synaptic misfires when attempting to grasp and understand what the Constitution says, and to whom it applies.

Hint: it doesnt apply to ILLEGAL immigrants who sneak into the country for any reason and terrorists!!

They also despise capitalism ( no surprise there! ) and they distain democracy !

Distaining democracy while using the Constitution that is the very cornerstone and foundation of a democratic nation, a nation that upholds the ideals of DEMOCRACY, not Communism, to support their communist platform and ludicrous contention that illegal immigrants be entitled to the same rights and protections guaranteed to LEGAL citizens under said Constitution of said democracy they profess to despise, is the HEIGHT OF HYPOCRISY.

And of course, they are spreading their hypocritical messsage to liberal University campuses! No surprise there either since liberals, especially in Universities across the country, share many of the same ideals and values as these "Young Communists of America".

A mind is a terrible thing to waste!


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