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Monday, May 29, 2006

America at War on Memorial Day

Lt. Gen. James M. Dubik commanding general of Fort Lewis Army Base(Home of the Deuce Four) and I Corps which encompasses some 40,000 active-duty and reserve troops across the country, including Fort Lewis, has written an OP-ED Memorial Day essay for The Seattle Times.

Memorial Day, as every other day, we are reminded that America remains at war, as it has for four years. But those on the frontline are not the only soldiers fighting this war.

In a conflict where the erosion of your will is a major goal of our enemy, you are a soldier as well.
Please read this entire essay.

America and her allies have fought a hot, sustained, global campaign against enemies who sought to impose an ideology on the world before. Then, however, the threat was clear and unambiguous, for the enemy was a set of nation-states and they fought conventionally. Clarity and conventionality went a long way to sustain the national will necessary to persevere when times were bleak; maintain support for those in uniform and their families; welcome home with open arms those who fought; and rightly continue to show appreciation for their sacrifices year after year, Memorial Day after Memorial Day.

The enemy we are fighting today has chosen means that exploit ambiguity and lack clarity. Eroding our national will is its very intent — all the while acting to achieve its political and ideological aims. There are soldiers, Marines, airmen and sailors who are fighting this very day and this very night to prevent the enemy from achieving its political and ideological aims. They and their families need our continued support, our perseverance and our open arms. The shape of our future is literally in their hands.

But in today's environment more than ever before, the future is also in your hands. In a conflict where the erosion of your will is a major goal of our enemy, you are a soldier as well.

Our frontline servicemen and women are doing and will continue to do their jobs — it is my hope that those of us in the rear will match their courage and determination.


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