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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

WTF are they thinking??

I have no idea why so many dumb asshats are paid too much money to keep making bad decisions at the Networks:

"Shark" - CANCELLED. *sighs* Stellar cast, well written. Yupp - that's a reason to cancel it!

"The Unit" At least Moonves had the brains to pick up "The Unit" for another season. However, his intelligence is limited : it's looks to be slotted at the worst possible time and night: Friday, 9 pm.

"Men In Trees" one of the networks most heartwarming, endearing shows -- CANCELLED. Maybe if the ASSHATS at ABC hadn't moved the show SIX times and made it endure two LONG hiatus, the show's ratings could have increased. The final few episodes will air starting May 28th. and a special series finale has already been shot.

"Women's Murder Club" - CANCELLED. *sighs* Asshat-ness runs amok at ABC.

"Eli Stone" - someone at ABC had a momentary flash of genius and renewed "Eli" for a second season.

"New Amsterdam" - CANCELLED. *sigh* I am at a loss for words. I 'm mourning the death of the once immortal John Amsterdam.

"Sarah Conner Chronicles" *grrrr* They bury John Amsterdam, but resurrect that boring over produced, uber expensive, badly written, badly acted, piece of recycled garbage. FUCKING ASSHATS!!


  • At 6:21 PM, May 16, 2008, Blogger Barb said…

    I'll still watch The Unit, although I may DVR it. I wonder how much the Tivo/DVR evolution changes the death value of some time slots? I mean, I don't really care when my shows are ON, I just record them and watch when I darn well please.


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