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Monday, June 08, 2009

The Devil Looks After Himself

In observing President Obama these past few weeks --- from his all out war against the intelligence and military communities; to his date night in NYC meant to honor a promise to his wife made during the campaign but fulfilled when everyday Americans are losing their jobs, their homes, their dealerships, their shops, their companies; to his impromptu hamburger runs surprising his adoring fans; to his speech in Cairo, which served NOT to eradicate the darkest tyrannical forces in the Islamic world, but instead sold out the west by advancing the false meme of Arab victimization at the hands of outsiders; and to his visit to Normandy to commemorate the heroes of D-Day, a traditionally somber & dignified occasion which turned into yet another ego boosting event replete with adoring masses clamoring to shake his hand, take his photo, and just "BE" in his presence --- I am reminded of a Hollywood power player who I worked for at the time.

Replete with adoring fans who constantly clamored to shake his hand, take his photo, and just "BE" in his presence; surrounded by an entourage & pussy posse who shadowed him constantly; his effusive charm and unbridled charisma effectively concealed the darkness that lay within him. He was, at his core, sinister.

A man who had willingly made a Faustian agreement; selling his soul to the Devil in exchange for all the accouterments of power.

While attending an event where this power player was holding court and basking in his own celebrity, I watched him, yet again, easily seduce a room full of people convinced of their own moral fortitude and deep intellect while worshipping at the alter of personality.

As the bartender passed me the iced tea I had moments earlier asked for, he looked at me intently and whispered a prescient warning that sent a chill running through me.

" Remember, chica, El diablo se ocupa de él mismo. The devil looks after himself"

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