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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

No True Glory

Harrison Ford is set to star as General Mattis in the feature film version of Bing West's book "No True Glory", about the recent Battle For Fallujah.

This has angered many people in the Military,in particular Marines, as well as many bloggers because of comments made by Harrison denouncing America's involvement in Iraq, while he was in a promotional tour in Spain.

Harrison complained about the direction American foreign policy was going. He did not feel military intervention was the "correct solution" (Obviously he is oblivious to the reality that diplomacy failed...time after time after time ) and he mentioned how much he regrets what the country has done to date.

So it seems very hypocritical for Harrison, who will be paid over $20 million, to accept a role playing the man who was responsible for organizing the assault on Fallujah. Since the Hollywood "intelligentsia" has an utter disdain for this war, and for this President, it is the height of hyprocrisy for those producers and studios to profit on the blood of those Marines while like Harrison, vitrolically condemning the war and Mr Bush.

One Marine's wife was so infuriated that she decided to write Harrison a letter.
My husband is a United States Marine proudly serving in Iraq. He has been there since February 2004. He was in a unit which provided support to the Marines actively engaged in battle both in April 2004 and November 2004. We are all proud of his duty to his country and the people of Iraq. Where one may disagree to the methodology of releasing Iraq from Saddam Hussein's grip, one should agree it was in the best interest of the Iraqi people.

Read the letter in its entirety at Blackfive.

Knowing his agents - they don't have the balls to forward it to him.

So Harrison will never know the pain and resentment that he has inflicted on the families of those and those themselves, who are putting their lives on the line for a country whose policies he vehemently disagrees with and who are involved in a war that he objects to. Obviously a $20 million paycheck is enough to help him conveniently justify his hypocritical actions and forget his objections, or at least put them aside while he makes this film.

I have no doubt Bing's intentions are honourable.He wrote a great book and I'm sure he wants the story to be told to a larger audience so as to pay tribute to General Mattis and the Marines who fought this battle. The irony of having those who don't support the war make a movie tribute to those who are fighting it daily is not lost on me.

Having said that, though, I have to wonder what purpose it will serve. Do we really need a movie featuring overpaid actors playing underpaid real life heros, especially when these Marines are still putting their lives on the line daily?

We witness these battles on the small screen, what on earth is to be gained by bringing this story to the big screen and with an actor who clearly disparages our country and our Military playing one of our country's top military leaders??

I cannot seem to find that same enthusiasm and support for the soon to be movie "Battle For Fallujah".

Experience has taught me that Hollywood only does whats best for itself.... but where there is life there is hope, and it's my hope is that bringing this story to the "big screen" even as we are able to watch it daily on the "small screen" will serve a higher purpose: to help those opposed to this war understand that supporting our deployed men and women and their mission is both an honour and a duty!

But I'm doubtful of that. Those that are opposed to this war seem to lack an appreciation of what our deployed men and women are doing, and for the most part they seem completely oblivious to all the GOOD that our presence in Iraq has resulted in.

I blame the MSM largely, since telling stories of death and failures in Iraq is is far more important that telling the stories of those who are building schools, delivering toys to kids, helping train Iraqi medical personnel, helping rebuild an Iraqi security force, rebuilding homes, helping women learn to be self sufficient, the list goes on! After their liberal agenda of disdain for Mr Bush and our goals in Iraq is what must be constantly reinforced at the expense of the entire truth.

Newsflash: The Iraqi's want an election, a gov't free of tyranny, an opportunity to enjoy the same freedoms Americans take for granted, and that MOST of Iraq is running smoothly. The hotspots are comparatively few....but you would NEVER know that by listening to ANY Mainstream Media!

I hope that a portion of the ticket sales (NOT the profits - Hollywood accounting always buries profits) will go towards providing thousands of care packages to our deployed men and women..and that a percentage will also go to those families whose loved ones paid the ultimate price.

I also believe that 20% percent of Harrison's salary show go towards a fund to help those families who lost Marines in in the Battle For Falluja: a battle that took place in a war he doesnt support from a country whose involvement he deeply regrets, but which will nonetheless provide him with a $20 mill paycheck!


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