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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

EasonGate and Bloggers

An article appeared on in the New York Times today yet againg addressing EasonGate.

It would seem that Mr Abovitz, whose column at www.forumblog.org broke the story of Mr Easons comments,when he concluded that other journalists at Davos were not going to report his comments because journalists wanted to protect their own, now says he hoped bloggers could develop loftier goals than destroying people's careers. "If you're going to do this open-source journalism, it should have a higher purpose," he said. "At times it did seem like an angry mob, and an angry mob using high technology, that's not good."

How utterly disappointing coming from a man who felt Mr Easons comments were disturbing and chose to share them with the world.

What he fails to understand is that Mr Eason has resorted to crucifying the men and women who serve this country in order to secure a better BUSINESS position for CNN in countries that harbour anger and hatred towards America.
He sold our Americans and our soldiers and marines in harms way so CNN could open offices in those countries.

Mr Eason distortions and actions fuel the fires of hatred towards the US, its citizens, and our men and women serving in harms ways.

Yet the man that broke this story, now seems to feel sorry for Mr Eason.

Mr Abovitz has called us' a dangerous angry mob' - well I think he would be wise to remember that we bloggers have for the most part become sick and tired of biased liberal unsupportive anti american media representatives, like Mr Eason, who are hellbent on undermining the brave, noble and very effective efforts of our troups in war on terror, who have ridiculed, play down, and at times, down right denied the success of the elections in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and have appeared to go out of their way to lend psychological support to the terrorists.

Yeah...Im angry! I'm fucking angry ...at the MSM and now at Mr Abovitz!

If Mr Abovitz feels bloggers should "have a higher purpose," it begs the question...what higher purpose is there than seeking out truth, and bringing to light injustices, distortions, lies; to hold someone accountable for their actions and their words? That is the noble actions that we bloggers took in both Rathergate and Easongate! Is not the pursuit of truth a noble action?

He wants bloggers to serve a higher purpose...what about CNN or Mr Eason..shouldn't they also have to serve a higher purpose than distorting the truth, supporting the insurgents, and presenting the worst possible news while chosing to ignore all news about the many positive wonderful succesful endeavers and accomplishments of our deployed troups, and our efforts in the war on terror.

Mr Eason sold his integrity to the devil and he is finally paying the price for the CHOICES HE MADE .

Compared to the much higher price our deployed men and women have paid, some of whom have paid the ultimate price, I think Mr Eason got off really easy!


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