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Saturday, February 05, 2005


You know what kills me about all this crap over Lt. Gen Mattis' comments?

The left wing media and Hollywood unintelligentsia all LOVE movies that have bloodshed, violence, buildings being blown apart,the "enemy" being ripped apart, gunned down, and blown up, while the good old American doing all that rides around in a Hummer puffing on a cigar.

Its awesome ....its totally kewl..... to hear Dirty Harry say " Go Ahead Make My Day" and watch him blow the head off some guy, but GOD FORBID that the Man who leads Marines into battle should actually say the same thing, causing the MSM and "Traitorwood" (borrowed that name from LtCol Mark A Smith -my favorite Mad Ghost) to get on their hypocritical high horse and start vilifying him.


Let me tell you why this bullshit really has me PISSED off!

I got wind of the script for "True Glory", which will star Harrison "I do not support this war but hell I'll take $20 mill to star in a movie about it"Ford and it seems that "Traitorwood" didnt feel that the real Battle of Fallujah had enough bloodshed and deaths...so they ADDED MORE!
Yeah thats right...... they ADDED MORE! Why? Because...thats what sells!!!!

So in the Hollywood version of the Battle of Fallujah MORE Marines and 'insurgents' die under this glamourized version of General Mattis then actually did under his command!

Its interesting to me how killing is totally kewl, and the love of killing is totally macho in Hollywood when it attracts box office dollars; but gosh darn, the real thing is just too hard to swallow! Freaking hypocrites!

And if you ask me what other reason motivated them to add more bloodshed and deaths to the movie version -apart from the truth that it sells more - I would suspect that its yet another attempt at pushing their left wing disdain for Pres Bush and covertly undermining the war in the hearts and minds of Americans by sending the message "Look at how many of our YOUNG men died thanks to Pres Bush and Gen Mattis, and for no good reason because hell there were no WMD's and Saddam never posed a threat to us" *rolls eyes* But hey that won't stop them from making millions of dollars off the blood of those Marines who actually died - oh no sir! But damn that Gen Mattis for saying how he good he feels about killing those who behead people,rape women,use mentally incapacitated Iraqi's as suicide bombers, threaten to kill anyone who votes, fake injuries to blow up our soldiers as they attempt to administer aid, and fly planes with innocent civilians into building with more innocent civilians.

Apparently Hollywood,the left wing media and liberals can celebrate silver screen heros who express the same bravado as Gen Mattis did, but find it unacceptable and choose to vilify General Mattis for ACTUALLY saying "He likes to Brawl - the REAL life version of "Go Ahead and Make My Day"

Life imitating art....go figure!

And jerk who runs CAIR has the audacity to claim that Gen Mattis comment show an "indifference for the value of human life" when his muslim radical brothers used someone with DOWN SYNDROME as a suicide bomber??? When they behead people, rape women, use civilians as shields, hide weapons in mosques, walk into Mess Halls to commit suicide/homicides - its bad enough on the battlefield but it a place where people gather to eat a meal - and HE thinks Gen Mattis comments display an indifference to life???

OMG...He's as insane as that "Vehicular Manslaughterer" Sen. Ted Kennedy!

Lt. General Mattis " one of this country's bravest and most experienced military leaders" to you sir I say OOOOOOORRRRAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! GET SOME!


  • At 1:02 AM, April 28, 2005, Blogger Barb said…

    OMG Huntress! This is such an AWESOME post - I love it :-)

    I've been scanning through your site since wandering over from the Gun Line, and I really like your writing.


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