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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Freedom Is More Powerful Than Fear!

Ali is an Iraqi blogger who wrote a post today that expresses the true voice of Iraqi's. A voice that the MSM would have us believe doesnt exist. A voice that understands the wounds inflicted on Iraqi's have come from Saddam's tyranical rule, and is not the result of America's liberation and presence. Ali makes it clear that he would rather die than ever live under Saddams rule or that of any dictator, theocratic or otherwise.

The Iraqi's have dreamed of freedom and the right to determine their collective and individual future and on Jan 30th that dream will be realised.

Ali's entire post embodys the spirit of those that came from Europe to settle in America and created the wonderful democracy we now have.

Some Americans like Michael Moore, assorted dems, and liberals, have long forgotten the sacrifices that many made for the privileges they now enjoy and take for granted. They forget that freedom is NEVER free!

Ali reminds us that freedom is worth dying for!

He reminds us that change requires patience, and compassion, towards those who have been abused by dictators for years and need time to heal from those wounds.

Americans voted in this election without the threat of death looming over them. We take for granted this privilege to peacefully determine our future.

Ali reminds us not too.

Peacefully determining his future isnt an option, but death threats from the insurgents will not deter him or other Iraqi's.

He writes: "This horror, fear, hate, and loss of trust is gone now, but we still feel it, and they still remind us with every day, with every beheading and murder they commit against those who actively try to change things in Iraq for the better. We feel it with various degrees, and for some of us its additional motive to fight these thugs, and to refuse a life like that, even if the only other option is death. I don't want to live like that again, NEVER, for that reason I'm going to vote, and so many other Iraqi's are going to vote, and let the terrorists show us the best they can do, as it won't stop us" (head over to Free Iraqi ( click on link below) to read the entire post)

I wonder if we would have the same courage and determination that Ali and Iraqi's will show when then stand up to those terrorists, and say FUCK YOU! OUR FUTURE WILL BE DECIDED WITH THE POWER OF OUR VOTES AND NOT WITH THE POWER OF YOUR GUNS!

All Iraqi's, who are determined to and will vote on Jan 30th, as well as the Afghani's who voted last November in their historic election, under threat of death, remind us all that freedom is more powerful than fear!

May all Iraqi's stay safe as their voices (as votes) are heard at last! And may our troups be safe as they stand ready to protect them from the terrorists that would deny Iraqi's the right to decide their future, to have their voices heard.

Let Freedom Ring!


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