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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Denial Is A River In Egypt, Michael!

Michael Moore on NBC "Today" whined about the "fictional" story that he insists the republicans created to instill fear in americans which in his mind explains why Mr Bush was re elected. He believes that terrorism is a false threat and lie created by Mr. Bush, that the dems are completely in touch with the cultural zeitgeist, and that they need to continue to embrace the Hollywood community even more strongly then previously.

What freaking bizarro world does Michael MooreOn live in?

He created an entire fictional story, called Farenheit 9/11, meant to instill fear about our President in the minds of Americans, and pawned this mockumentary off as a "documentary" in a failed attempt to sway the election, and now he insists that the republicans won by creating a fictional story!!!!

Intelligent Dems have admitted that they are not in touch with the zeitgeist, and that they need to distance themselves from the Hollywood community, and the liberal values that Hollywood embraces, which contributed in large part to their demise.

And in conversation with Katie Couric, this self deluded MooreON who considers himself the barometer for the majority of americans insisted that the majority of Americans are still pro choice. When asked how he knew this..he said that all kinds of polls, from CNN, USA Today, support this.

Really now?

PLANNED PARENTHOOD's former President, Fay Wattleton, conducted a survey in June 2004 for her organization, The Center for the Advancement of Women, which much to her surprise, proved just the opposite of Michael MooreOn's claims.

She had commissioned Princeton Survey Research Associates to do a major study on contemporary feminism. The result was "Progress and Perils: A New Agenda for Women," a 140-page report on women's views on a range of issues, including abortion.

The central finding: Far from wanting abortion as readily available as botox or tattoos, most women oppose the procedure.

As Wattleton wrote in the introduction, "There is significant and growing support for severe restrictions on abortion rights."

Of women surveyed, 51 percent wanted to ban abortion altogether or to limit it to cases of rape, incest, and where the mother's life is endangered.

Another 17 percent said the procedure should be available under stricter limits than now apply.

Not only does this report CONFIRM that majority of women are Pro Life it also undermines 3 Myths regarding abortion:

The first myth the study exposes is that soccer moms are pro-choice. The report classifies women into six groups, based on their attitudes toward women's roles and social status.

On the conservative end are the "traditionalists" and "family first women."
In the middle are the "separate-but-equals" and "modern feminists."
And on the left are the "movement legacies" and "advocates."

Of these groups, the separate-but-equals correspond most closely to soccer moms. Largely white, they are the second-most educated group. Almost all of them think a woman can be a good mother and have a successful career simultaneously. They sound like a typical Democratic constituency.

But 42 percent of them would ban abortion altogether or limit it to the hard cases, while another 21 percent would impose some restrictions on the procedure. Thus almost two-thirds of them support, minimally, some form of restriction on abortion. Only 35 percent said they thought abortion should be widely available.

The second myth "Progress and Perils" undermines is that Republicans will lose if they openly oppose abortion. (Remember this survey happened before the election and we now have proof of how on the money it was!)

Of the six groups profiled in "Progress and Perils," four heavily favor greater curbs on the procedure.

And it's not only the traditionalists (69 percent), most of whom are evangelical, and family-firsts (70 percent), most of whom are working class and live in small towns, who feel this way but also the separate-but-equals and the center-left modern feminists (67 percent), many of whom are black and Hispanic and poor.

The third myth the study calls into doubt is that most women support Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton.

This myth was recently conveyed in the Washington Post by David von Drehle in an article about the Supreme Court's decisions on abortion and civil liberties: "Polls consistently show that the majority of Americans have little appetite for reversing the court's path on social issues." .

Which polls is von Drehle referring to? Those same CNN and USA Today polls that Micheal referred to?

It certainly wasn't the poll Wattleton's organization, then called the Center for Gender Equality, took four years ago, which found that 53 percent of women favored outlawing abortion or restricting it to the hard cases--a pre-Roe standard.

Nor could von Drehle or Moore be referring to the current study, in which 51 percent of women felt the same way. Of course, even Republican pollsters acknowledge the difficulty of overturning Roe and Doe.

The message [of the study] is clear: For most women today, quality-of-life issues prevail over women's rights. This shift is likely to put liberals at a distinct disadvantage in any fight over a Supreme Court nominee." (Hey Michael....are you listening?? )

Of course, "Progress and Perils" isn't an exact road map for Republicans. It didn't ask respondents about specific abortion curbs, such as parental notification, or whether they support the procedure during the first trimester.Also, the study makes clear that some feminist principles remain popular. A strong majority of respondents say that the women's movement has helped them (60 percent) and that one need not be a mother to live a complete life (72 percent). Neither of those answers, however, is incompatible with pro-life and Republican positions. On abortion, not only are most women not pro-choice, but their position might be described as, well, Republican.

It must have come as a shock to Planned Parenthood, because interestingly enough, they have been very low key about discussing that recent survey. Gee...can't imagine why!!?

But I encourage Dems to listen to and act on Michael Moore's insight, knowledge, and wisdom, that way not only will they be guaranteed to lose the next election, but republicans will win by an even larger majority!


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