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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Honour, Perserverence, Spirit and Heart

A few days ago, on the eve of Rumsfeld visit to Iraq, some guy posted on a message board, his utter distain about this war and Pres Bush. He insisted that the ONLY way to support our troups was to demand that our gov't pull out of Iraq immediately, since our troups have no business being there.

His comments were more vitrolic than I care to post in here.

Here is how I replied to him:

As much as I disagree with you, I respect your right ,S***** ,to oppose the war, and to voice your opinion, as do the men and women now deployed in Iraq. It's WHY they are there. To provide OTHERS with that same right and privilege.

I speak daily via Instant Message, email, and in some cases, phone, to deployed men in Iraq. While there are some guys that wonder why they are there, most of them clearly understand the greater good being achieved, the enormity of the impact of democratic elections in Iraq, and they are very proud to be a part of that history.

In today's press conference with Rumsfeld, one soldier, whose face and voice bore the frustration that I hear DAILY from those I speak to, asked WHY our media are NOT sharing with the world the GOOD NEWS about what is being accomplished in Iraq. Why are they only reporting about the strife, the struggles, and the seeming failures?

Its a question that each one of the over 50 deployed guys I speak to ask me constantly.

Our troups are rebuilding schools, soliciting school kits from the homefront and giving them out to Iraqi kids, who respond with gratitude, appreciation and love.

Our troups are providing medical attention to Iraqis, and are helping them to rebuild hospitals and roads.

OUR TROUPS are putting their lives on the line to EXTRACATE iraqi civilians that are in harms way in cities across Iraq.

The MSM doesn’t report all the great work our troups are doing for the people of Iraq and all the positive accomplishments achieved. They confront the evil that wants to thwart peace stability and democracy in Iraq. They are planting the seeds of democracy by restoring buildings, rebuilding and reopening schools, training and building the Iraqi police force, and confronting the insurgents in battle when necessary.

Now if you think that the upcoming elections, and the scent of democracy is not impacting on other Arab nations, then let me enlighten you:

"Some of the [Arab League] members maintain that the Baghdad government is not legitimate. Why? They argue that it is not elected and was appointed by the American occupation. This widespread view has some basis. However, the talk of the illegitimacy of the [Iraqi] government allows us to raise questions regarding most of the regimes in the region some of which emerged as a result of coups or internal conspiracies, when no one asked the people what it thought."
Abdel Rahman al-Rasheddirector-general of Al Arabia TV, writing in the London-based daily Al Sharq Al AwsatNovember 24.

"We are not being fair to the current Iraqi government. Not me, nor you, nor the other guest on this program, not even the viewers, but history will do justice to them. These people are establishing the first democracy in the Middle East. This country will be a platform for liberties in the whole region. In Iraq, the days of a leader who remains on his throne until he dies are gone. This is over. For the first time the Iraqi leader will be elected by Iraqi ballots"
Egyptian journalist Nabil Sharaf al-Din, speaking on Al Jazeera TV about the future of IraqNovember 23

"Arab regimes understand they have to start reforming. Yes, the U.S. invasion of Iraq made America some new enemies, but it also has triggered a huge debate about reform in the Arab world" said Ammar Abdulhamid, who helps run DarEmar, a pro-reform NGO in Syria. "For some people it forced the reform issue, because they said, 'Let's change ourselves before the Americans change us,' " noted Mr. Abdulhamid. "the Iraqi issue is forcing the issue of reform on everyone, and in some ways it is independent of what actually happens in Iraq," Mr. Abdulhamid said

America soldiers are NOT occupying Iraq; they are, at the request of the overwhelming majority of Iraqi's, rebuilding the country and teaching Iraqi's how to rebuild the country and they are planting the seeds of democracy, and they do it with honour, perserverance, spirit and heart!

No one said this would be an easy task!

The TERRORISTS who behead women children civilians, kill anyone and everyone, are those men that were in power in Iraq and were responsible for gassing and killing at will of thousands of Iraqi's.Mass graves equal to those found in Europe during Hitlers reign have been uncovered and massive caches of hidden buried weapons have been found everywhere in Iraq. In Falluja many places were located where these terrorists tortured and beheaded so many more people than is being reported.

These terrorists would trick our Soldiers and Marines into thinking they were injured ask for help,and our men -OUR DECENT OPEN HEARTED MEN -would render help only to be killed as these dispicable scumbags were booby trapped to explode - these were homicide/ suicides. Acts of cowards with no scruples. I don't believe in Hell - but if there is one -may they rot there eternally!

I support our deployed men and women by sending them care packages,emails, cards and I do it, S****, not because I am a republican, not because I support the war, not because I'm a conservative; I do it because THATS the best way to support our troups.


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