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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Kingdom of Heaven

Every now and then, being the Hollywood Refugee that I am, I check out the "Hollywood Elsewhere" website. Mostly I lurk about quietly, I like hanging about the ChatRoom..listening to the rants of the many....its closed down now, but will re-open in a couple of weeks.

So I decided to check out Jeff's "Wired" entries and came across one dated: 12/26/04 about R.Scotts new flick " Kingdom of Heaven" .

His insights about the film being yet Gladiator, Troy, and Alexander redux I totally agree with. Do we really need yet another boring movie of this genre that will yet again fail miserably at the box office?
FYI - I disliked all three...a waste of celluloid, time, talent and my money.

But wouldnt you know it at the very end of his entry Jeff muses about how he hopes the marketing of the movie is handled in such a way as to push past his concerns because he wants the movie to succeed. A noble hope until you read the last line: "It's about what we're doing in Iraq now, of course. That's a given."

So now Jeff is a historian and political commentator!!

But the problem is while his knowledge of film making may be vast and deep his knowledge of history and politics isn't!

He clearly has no idea about the complexity of the Crusades and todays reality in Iraq! But his comment is not meant to reflect any real knowledge of the subject matter, its merely meant to fuel the fires of other Bush hating Saddam loving liberals who barely have a passing understanding of religious history, political history, and no understanding of the truth about modern day Iraq, Saddam Hussein, or why we are in Iraq and the greater good it will serve.

Talk about being seriously clueless!

So imagine how THRILLED I was when I scrolled way further down the home page to "Heavens Dispute" and came across an email sent to Jeff by by Richard Szathmary.

It needs to be read in its entirety to be fully appreciated. But here is how Richard ends his FIRST email to Jeff "Really, Jeffrey, you're a fine film critic in my opinion, and you're especially great at the visceral reaction stuff, but you'd be even better if your writing indicated some familiarity with history."
SOME familiarity! Yeah, that would help especially if you intend to comment on something outside the purview of acting, directing, lighting, costuming, and storytelling.


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