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Friday, January 14, 2005

A Soldiers Tribute- The REAL Story

This pic http://www.rodharrison.com/AOM/images/SoldierTributeStatue.jpg?is of a statue made by an Iraqi artist named Kalat, which is now on display at Ft Hood. In the wee hours of Friday morning, 3:00 am to be exact, I was awake when an email arrived from another soldier based at Ft Hood, but presently stationed in Iraq, who I sent a care package to in December. He shared with me the real story of this sculpture, after reading my Live Journal, in which I had also posted the story that had been making the rounds on the internet. I've already updated my LiveJournal.

This time, I checked out the veracity of Steve's story with two other guys from the same unit, and they concurred with what Steve wrote, the details varied abit,but the core facts were essentially the same. I also emailed someone for the Army Press corps asking him to verify the authenticity of this story. I hope to hear from him soon.

Steve(the soldier who emailed me) explained the artist was commissioned to do this by the US Army. The money was raised by donations from the soldiers themselves.

The artist, no fan of Saddam OR the US army, made this sculpture for the same reason he had made sculptures of Saddam, he needed the money. ( and who can fault him for that!)

Steve explained that the REAL story is just as touching, and I agree!

The soldiers of the 4th Infantry wanted to honour their fallen comrades, so they commissed an Iraqi artist to create this statue. They were going to demolish the statues of Saddam, but instead decided to make something from what had once honored Shitdam, to now honor their fallen comrades and pay tribute to the future of Iraq, and melted them down instead, giving the bronze to Kalat.

A pic of a real soldier was used as the model,(different names of the soldier used were given to me..so I won't post it) - the image of a child symbolizes Iraq's future.

The internet rumour that the artist was so grateful to the Americans for liberating Iraq so he created this statue as a "thank you" is NOT true

Frankly the real story is more powerful so I have no idea was a Bogus story was ever created! Altho I wouldnt be surprised if some liberal jackasses started it so that the libs could then claim it to be another attempt by the conservatives to mislead the public.

The Statue was on display at the palace which was home to the 4th Infantry division until it was shipped to Ft Hood in 2004 where it is NOW on display.

I NOW know the true story, and three great soldiers based out of Ft Hood. David, is serving in Iraq now but due home in Feb. He called me the other day....all is well with him. Joe, came back a couple months ago, and is now at Ft.Hood. The latest soldier ,Steve, is a new penpal to me, is presently in Iraq and not due back for a few months.

Stay Safe Steve- thanx for the email and drop by again!

I'm hoping to get a pic with one of these guys in front it this year....or better yet...I'll get one of me WITH ALL of these guys in front of it - I adore them all!

Update: Jan 16
Just found this link for the story and a great blog!


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