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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

What Would Jesus Do?

Recently some one asked" Why would God do this, Why would God let this happen"? The better question to ask would be " what does God want from each us in the face of this or any disaster?" Would He want us to argue about which country provided the most aid, how stingy countries may or may not be, or debate if their is a hidden agenda on the part of America when she send it the Marines to help the victims?

Maybe the better question is to ask "What Would Jesus Do?"Would he take uplifting positive action, or would he condemn the action already taken as not being "enough"...or laced with a hidden political agenda?

I think not. I think God would want us to open our hearts, put aside our petty differences and ego based arguments, and act from a place of unconditional love. That applies to governments, politicians, journalists, religious leaders, as well as the average world citizen.

Amidst all the hubris about America's stinginess...(such bullshit!)I'm amazed that NO ONE has questioned why the Vatican has not donated any money to the victims???The Vatican which sits upon millions of dollars worth of art never mind a bank account to almost match Bill Gates!

Why not auction off ONE masterpiece of art and donate the proceeds to the Red Cross, or the Vatican charity of choice?

Would would Jesus do? He would take action...not merely send out condolences!


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