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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Transforming Iraq

In a story by Michael Georgy for Reuters, Barham Salih, a Kurdish Candidate has much to say on the Insurgents and the upcoming Iraqi election.

"We are dealing with a tough, mindless, determined, resourceful enemy that wants to deny us that basic right of going to the polling station to decide the future of this country," said Salih, a former Kurdish exile in Washington and London.

"In Iraq we have a lethal alliance between former Saddamists and these global Jihadists. Saddam Hussein's people have taken a lot of money from the Iraqi treasury. We know of the existence of many of these leaders from the former regime in countries like Syria," he said. "The former regime elements and these global Jihadists are working together, coordinating attacks and helping each other to instigate terrorist activities across the country."

He believes Iraqi's MUST vote, in order to lay to rest the idea that the Middle East can only be ruled by tyranny.

"We will build a vibrant, democratic system of government that will transform Iraq from the land of mass graves and tyranny into the land of peace and rule of law," said Salih.


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