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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Hussein Jane

There is a saying in French that goes like this:
"Plus ca change, plus ca reste le meme"
The More Things Change, The More They Remain The Same....

As most of you all know, who either watch Fox or Read Blackfive's blog, the poster child for Traitors, Inc, Hussein Jane, aka The Former Ms.Hanoi Jane, in a desperate attempt to satisfy her insatiable need for publicity..( lets face it ...she is an actress...and being in the spotlite is what she craves) is set to go on the road in a vegetable oil fueled bus, to protest the war in Iraq.

There are no words that can adequately express (actually THERE ARE A FEW!!) the disgust, contempt, and vile I feel towards this publicity seeking terrorist supporting Saddam Hussein loving traitor bitch DUMOCRAT who must obviously reside on the corner of Drunk and Delusional.

This is America, the land of freedom and democracy that Jane enjoys and allows her the opportunity to mount this ridiculous charade, so why on earth should Hussein Jane SUPPORT the newly established Democracy in Iraq, show support to the brave Iraqi men and women who are endeavoring against the evil that is Al Zarquawi to nurture, and sustain a fledgling democracy in Iraq....why should Iraqi women be allowed to be educated, free to work, free to dress as they choose, free to marry whom they choose, free to vote in the officials they choose, free to mount protests against their gov't. Why should she? Better to support terrorist regime that subjucated the same freedoms that Women's Lib movement of the 1970's found to sustain for American women. If that bitch thinks that Saddam offered Iraqi's , especially Iraqi' women a BETTER option to the democracy that is now being made available to ALL Iraqi's, and if she doesnt understand that democratic countries to not attack other democracies, then she is stupid, naive, and delusional!

This "anti war tour" isn't about her "love " for the troups, isnt' about her concern for Iraqi's, isn't about her "love of America" and isn't about wanting to ensure democracy and freedom for the women and men of Iraq is nurtured, and sustained, it isn't about wanting her fellow sisters in Iraq to have the same freedoms as she has been blessed to have, this is about an old actress craving the spotlite and using any opportunity she can to stay in it.


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