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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Never Bite The Hand That Feeds You!

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post both about and directed to Cindy Sheehan who chose celebrity over sincerity. At that time the democrats and their left wing ilk, jumped all over Cindy, turning her into their new Bush Hating Poster Mom, embracing her hatred for the President, and using her to further their liberal Bush hating terrorist loving agenda. They claimed she represented the voice of all mothers and fathers who had lost a son or daughter in Iraq.

Except she doesn't...as is evidenced in this story "Families of Troups Counter Sheehan"

But, faster than Kerry can flipflop, it would appear that the Dumocrats who embraced Cindy while condemning those of us who saw through her facade of grieving mom, have NOW distanced themselves from her!

Why this sudden about face?

Well it would appear that the moment Cindy spewed her vitrolic insanity in the direction of Hilary Clinton. Hilary has been a vocal supporter of the war in Iraq,and the removal of Saddam, altho but she has also expressed her anger at what she believes has been the administration's mismanagement of the war from the beginning. But that wasn't enough to appease that wingnut Cindy. She decided to bite the hand that feeds her!

NOW that Cindy has indicted a member of the party that turned her into a poster child, it would appear that those in Hilary Clinton's camp, and various other democrats, have suddenly taken a major DISLIKING towards Cindy, as they are left to concede what MOST of us knew all along: Cindy Sheehan is nothing more than a bitter lonely woman who continues to choose celebrity over sincerity; a selfish woman seeking publicity rather than a grieving mother seeking peace.

UPDATE: AFSister attended the "You Don't Stand For Me, Cindy" rally in Cincinatti, and shares her experience and some great pics.


  • At 9:51 PM, September 24, 2005, Blogger AFSister said…

    I got to go to the "You Don't Stand For Me, Cindy" rally in Cincinnati on Friday night. Pix on my site.

    It was a small group, but very dedicated to our troops and just as determined to put Cindy to shame.


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