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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Broken Promises

Kudos to Ron Silver for lending his support to the documentary, Broken Promises about the corruption within and the many failures of the United Nations. Ron narrated and co- produced the documentary, along with David Bossie, which is written and directed by Kevin Knoblock.

As his interest in public policy grew, Mr. Silver said he came to see an "unbelievably yawning chasm between the ideals of [the United Nation's] charter and how it operated in reality. When you see its lack of effectiveness with genocides, and its corruption ... it's not simply that they were ineffective, it's that in many cases they were abetting the injustices.""

Today on Fox, Ron talked about the lessons of Rwanda that we have failed to learn, citing Darfur where genocide going on right now as "a fictional world community has turned a blind eye" He explains that UN reflects its membership and that the Human Rights Commission should be abolished.

Ron astutely pointed out that the lies, deception, and corruption that the UN has indulged in should be an affront to liberals and democrats as much as it IS to conservatives and republicans. More so to the former because it laughs in the face of those very values that they insist they uphold and live by.

But in reality, we know that it is liberals/democrats that have been the most vocal supporters of the UN, which serves as yet another example of liberal hypocrisy.

Check out the website, and please go see this documentary!



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