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Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Actor and The Mullahs: Redux

I was recently involved in a rather interesting discussion with a friend, about the use of military and political solutions in our war on terror.

The heart of the discussion centered on whether the belief, held by the Bush Administration, that American ideals should prevail in Iraq, and various other Arab states, was more wishful thinking than reality.

The mission to spread freedom throughout the world is a noble endeavor. Pres. Reagan understood the threat of communism in the same way as Pres. Bush understands the threat posed by jihadists. Communists and Islamist Jihadists both harbour contempt for individual liberty, and both share a propensity for mass murder in the name of a utopian future.

But, countered my friend, " the battle between communism and democracy was a conflict between two systems that in effect shared some fundamental suppositions". In truth, the Cold War was a struggle between two economic systems - capitalism and communism. Nonetheless, both systems, it could be argued, were committed to modernity. Jihadism is not.

While leftists, including my Hollywood elite friends, stage "anti war" protests, jihadists engage in their own "anti modernity"protests, which involve homicide bombers, killing of children and women, the kidnapping, torturing, and beheading of coalition members, local politicians and civilians and the annual "Death to Isreal, Death to America" protest rally.

The battle we face with jihadists is an idealogical battle between the' olive tree and the lexus", to use Thomas Friedman's analogy It is a battle between modernity and anti-modernity.

Perhaps this explains why the greater Muslim population, who find liberal secularist values and lifestyles an affront to their values, remain strangely silent when it comes to denouncing the actions of jihadists and supporting the journey to democracy and the march to modernity.

In that respect, the jihadists have a huge advantage in the battle to win the hearts and minds of Muslims around the world. While democracy is appealing to many Arabs, modernity, as represented by secularist America, is not.

My friends in Hollywood and MSM elites, would be wise to remember that truth as you continue to lend your support to mullahs and terrorists, in the form of "anti- war" protests, and the funding of ANSWER and Code Pink, while flaunting liberal lifestyles in movies, music, magazines and tv show.

You had also best remember that you too are the jihadists enemy, and they have sent you that message in no uncertain terms by banning "foreign films that promote secularism, feminism, drugs, alchohol use, and violence( the pot calling the kettle black) because these films, which are a reflection of our liberal secularist democratic freedom loving country, "damage and humilate eastern traditions and culture".

So it would appear that all the schmoozing and handshaking and "photo opping" which Sean Penn engaged in this summer with his mullah-buddies only served to prove how fucking stupid and naive he is, not to mention the rest of you who share his mindset. Looks like The Actor found out just how much The Mullahs hate Hollywood!

These "fighters" that are romanticized by Cindy Sheehan, the ACLU, ANSWER, Code Pink(o), the MSM, the Hollywood elites, and left wing moonbats, hate ALL Americans. And they don't give a damn about your shared hatred for Pres Bush because this isn't about our enemies hating Pres. Bush- it's about them hating the secularist lifestyle you value and it's about the hatred they harbour towards democracy, freedom and modernity.

In the few months since Sean Penn, actor turned jounalist, visited Iran; under the guise of covering the election but really aimed at proving that Iran was a benevolent country that loved Americans but hated Pres.Bush; Mr.Ahmadinejad, Iran's President, has not only banned secularist foreign films, called for Israel to be wiped off the map, and death to America,(a holdover from the days of Jimmy Carter) but he has also closed down fast food restaurants, targeted opposition newspapers, journalists, and bloggers for censorship, and required male city employees to grow beards. He has turned back all the modern reforms gained over the past few decades. His country also harbours and protects "fighters/insurgents/al-queda jihadists, three of whom are Bin Laden's sons!

I'm wondering why Sean Penn isn't holding a press conference to voice his protest over the suppression of freedom and art that Iran 's new theocracy is imposing. Or why Michael Moore isn't heading off to shoot "Celsius 10/06" aimed at exposing the injustices happening to liberals and moderate conservatives in Iran, or exposing Pres. Ahmadinejad for the terrorist that he is!

Why are liberals and the dimocrats continuing to spew their baseless bullshit vitriol at and about Pres.Bush while remaining silent about Pres.Ahmadinejad?

Why there are no protesters filling the streets of Europe and America demanding that freedom of press, freedom of expression, and women's rights be reinstated immediately in Iran?

This might be a good time to educate dimwit moonbat "anti-war" protesters as well as the MSM: No one is "pro war" but those of us that support our endeavors in Iraq, and the war on terror, are definately pro- democracy, pro- freedom, and pro-victory over those who want to kill to you along with the rest of us.

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