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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Collective Memory Loss and Synaptic Misfires

Update 10/16/05

With Hilary Clinton making an OH SO FUCKING obvious bid to run in 2008, I thought I should bump this post I originally wrote Sept 9th 2005. Since she and Bill ran the White House as a "team" you can bet they would run it as a "team" should Hilary become elected! Since he will be HEAVILY featured in her campaign..so it might be a good time to look back fondly at his Presidency: Monica, impeachment, not accepting Sudan's offer to hand over Bin Laden, and.....

Iraq's Growing Threat

Saddam Hussein's continuing defiance of United Nations resolutions mandating inspection and dismantling of his weapons of mass destruction represents the most flagrant and protracted failure of President Clinton's foreign policy.

This was illuminated Thursday when Baghdad refused to accept even a diluted UN inspection commission 14 months after Saddam kicked out the original UNSCOM team under the conscientious Australian diplomat Richard Butler.

Since then Saddam has rebuilt facilities for his biological and chemical weapons programs as well as missile sites. Specialists suspect he has renewed production of anthrax, botulinum toxin and aflatoxin, and the organism that produces plague. Weapons inspectors and intelligence officials also have reason to fear that Iraq is working on even more sophisticated programs to develop viral agents for use as biological weapons.

In seven years, Clinton has tried to ignore, obscure, and misrepresent the threat from Saddam. Clinton's so-called containment policy has done nothing more than deter Saddam from invading his neighbors again.But that policy has not obliged the Iraqi despot to honor the UN's disarmament resolutions,has not protected the Iraqi people from the dictator's killers and tortures, and has not defended Americans against terrorists who may be acting with the veiled and deniable support of a vengeful Saddam.

While Clinton clings to his futile containment policy, seeking to avoid difficult decisions between now and the first Tuesday in November, the threat grows. Saddam's regime enriches itself with smuggling operations and by diverting money from the $10 billion in yearly oil sales allowed under the UN's oil-for-food program. And the common people of Iraq continue to suffer unspeakably from both sanctions and the dictatorship.

Saddam must be forced to permit weapons inspections or be removed from power. The failure to contain him should be a central issue in the current presidential campaign

*Bold added by me*

This Editorial appeared in The Boston Globe, Feb 13th, 2000.
Boston: Home to Sen.Kerry and Sen.Kennedy.
Now we know where Kerry learned how to play the "flip flop" game.

It would appear that the MSM, the Democrats, the Hollywood fuckwits, all HUGE supporters of Bill Clinton, have collectively suffered from memory loss and some form of synapic misfire! Serious medical attention must surely be needed!!

It's interesting how The Boston Globe led the democratc assault against Pres. Bush for DOING exactly what they themselves CONDEMNED Clinton for NOT doing, based on the same information that that they insist Pres.Bush "lied about".

Liberals: Hypocrites - Liars - Cowards.

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