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Monday, October 10, 2005

Hope Springs Eternal

While visiting Iran a while back, I wonder if that fuckwit Sean Penn took some time out from schmoozing with Iranian Mullahs, to sit down and speak with Mr. Fakhravar or Ahmad Batebi: two Iranian dissident from the Iranian student movement. Both these student leaders have warrants issued against them by the Islamic Republic, for the horrendous crime of wanting a regime change from a terrorist theocracy to a moderate democracy!

An article entitled "Iranian dissident plots escape to freedom from the Mullahs" appeared in the October 3rd edition of The New York Sun

"Until now, the idea of leaving the country has never crossed my mind. But we think at this time it is better to leave and live in a neighboring country for a little while. Our hands would be more open to organize others inside the country. In the interview, he also made a plea for American financial aid to be given to the Iranian student movement to help "get rid" of the regime in Tehran.

It's interesting to note that while Sean Penn lends his support to Mullahs and terrorists, the students of Iran are throwing their full support behind Pres Bush, and his vision of a democratic Iran.

Mr. Fakhravar then said that he felt close to President Bush and other American leaders who share his opinion regarding regime change for Iran."We feel in our heart and our mind that we are close to the leaders of the great countries like America, those who think this regime can no longer possibly remain and should be removed. We think as the leaders of the student movement are bonded with these leaders in the West that these leaders should help us financially to cover our expenses. It is the least expensive way get rid of this regime." But Mr. Fakhravar believes the time is ripe for America to support a regime change policy openly. In the interview yesterday, he said that he hoped the United Nations National Security quickly takes up Iranian violations of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty and then imposes economic sanctions.

Are you listening, Sean? While you and the dumocrats want to cozy up to the Mullahs, Iranian students are leading the way for REGIME CHANGE. While you, the dumocrats and the Hollywood fuckwits you party with remain cowards, support terrorists and continue to spew out your anti Bush vitriol from the comfort of the democratic country you live in, and without fear of being arrested by the gov't, there is a groundswell grassrouts movement of students who are risking their lives and want America and the United Nations to help them force a regime change and bring democracy to Iran.


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