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Sunday, September 25, 2005

So It Begins

I've been viewing some of the new Fall shows and while its still early in the season...there are a few that stand out:

Supernatural - WB : Jason Ackles(Smallville) and Jared Padalecki(Gilmore Girls) - two WB hunks and part of the WB's staple of hott guys- sizzle up the small screen in this XFiles meets Route 66 hourlong drama. Directed by David Nutter( XFiles, Millenium, Smallville) The quips are fast paced and the pop culture references are abound....one of my favorites in the pilot eppy involved Jason's character walking past two FBI agents and with this "tude" and grins, he tips his head and says "Muldaur, Scully" as he walks past them. For those of you who didnt get the inside joke - David Nutter directed many of the XFiles eppys..including the pilot! And the show definately has that bizarre XFiles look and feel. Essentially two estranged brothers take off in a 67 Impala- searching for their dad - who taught them how to hunt supernatural phenomena - in the hope of understanding their mothers mysterious demise!

Well written..visually dark, emotionally moody, creepy and cool -with just the right amount of male and female sex appeal...and a hott soundtrack - this show smells like a hit! WB realized that "horror" is very IN at the box office..so it was a natural leap to bring the genre to the small screen.

I didnt want to like it.....but damn that it...resistance is futile - I love it!

"E-Ring" - A dramatic new show that looks at life behind the scenes at the Pentagon, starring Benjamin Bratt, is part of Hollywoods new found love for ALL things Military EXCEPT OUR MILITARY! - With "Over There", and "E-Ring" and several soon to be released feature films such as "Jarhead" "Annapolis" plus several in the works from "Brothers in Arms" to " Generation Kill" to "Death and Dishonour" to "The Battle for Falluja" it would seem that while the same Hollywood community which has rarely supported our military and has NEVER supported this war in Iraq nor never understood the purpose, the cause, and the bigger picture in the war on terrorism, has no qualms about attempting to profit from that of which they endlessly hate!

"E-Ring" might have been good if it didn't have such cheesy lines as" "we've got a nonya in the works. A nonya, sir? Yes as it Noneyadamnbusiness"
"Sir we COULD do this!" "Major"could" is irrelevant - we're America - we can do any damn thing we please -the question is " SHOULD we?"
"Once you learn how this building(the Pentagon) works - you'll understand that it is aset of 12 tribes all fighting for SeCDef's love - which equates to MONEY!"

The tension was palpatable towards the end..and its directed by Taylor Hackford..with the look of a feature film, and an intense pacing to match the intensity of Benjamin's character.

While I look for any reason to watch the eye candy that is Benjamin Bratt..."E-Ring" is too damn cheesy for me!

"Prison Break" - bar none the BEST one hour drama on tv this season. Its a feature film cut into 22 one hour segments. Directed by Brett Ratner, and starring the uber sexy Wentworth Miller(The Human Stain) its the story of a desperate man in a desperate situation! Michael Scofields bro- Lincoln ( Dominic Purcell - of John Doe, Blade and Trinity fame) is 30 days from being executed on Death Row...and Michael is convinced his brother is innocent. So he "breaks into prison" ( actually he stages a hold up and gets caught) in order to break out with his brother. Its exciting, elaborate, intense story telling that reveals an additional piece of the puzzle each week. Lets start with the fact that Michael is the structural engineer that built the prison and has the blueprints for the prison tatooed on his entire body. This is writing, storytelling, acting, directing, pacing, production design, and cinematography at its absolute best! I had the pleasure of meeting Dominic on the set of "John Doe" in Vancouver two years ago, and one of my former clients also stars in the series.
Great storytelling(screenwriting) is both an art form and a skill...when you are able to combine both...you then great a masterpiece.

"Prison Break" is a Masterpiece!

Returning Shows- Season Premieres:

"Smallville" - I am a Superman FANGIRL! The promos ran through "Supernatural"...and if the season is only HALF has exciting as the promos - its gonna be one helluva journey!

This IS the season that changes EVERYTHING! Both Clark and Lex fullfill their destinies! Clark unlocks the Fortress of Solitude, is given a new challenge to deal with, and makes a promise to Jor El ( his biological father) which will come back to haunt him, and Lex who has constantly fought his turn the dark side...finally loses that battle! The stage is set, the hour draws near....as two friends become mortal enemies!

But Clark won't be alone in dealing fighting against injustice.....this time a close friend will be working with him! Lois, Lana, and Chloe each come into their own this year...also realizing their ultimate destinies! And the Lex-Clark-Lana dynamic is also going to be played out!

Two more characters from the DC universe are set to appear - Brainiac and Aquaman.
Dean Cain and Tom Wopat, Carrie Fisher and James Marster are all rumoured to be appearing as guest stars.

You know where you'll find me Thursday night at 8:00pm.

And if that's not enough intensity on Thursday nite - "ALIAS" also airs at 8:00pm EST - but thanx to timeshifting..I can watch it at 11:00pm!

Season Five picks up where the best ever season finale left off ( I jumped out of my chair)and proves to be explosive and intense as Sydney learns that Vaughn is a double agent..and the father of her unborn child! Sloane creates an unholy alliance in an attempt to find a cure for his daughter, Nadia, still in a coma. New agents arrive and a nefarious organization comes into Sydneys already complicated life!

But TONITE is the night that I've waited for all summer! The Second Season Premiere of
Delicious, delightful, dastardly, and decadent!
The Ladies of Wisteria Lane are back...and so is the gardener. MEOOOOOWWW!
And people told me the 'burbs' are boring.......!!!!


  • At 7:15 PM, September 29, 2005, Blogger Barb said…

    Smallville is one of my guilty pleasures! I missed a lot of last season, but I will get back in synch this year (blog time permitting - of course!).

    I'm glad to see James Marsters getting other parts. Spike was one of my favorite characters ;-)


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