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Saturday, October 15, 2005

A Major Step Forward: Marching Towards A New Iraq

-- To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength indefeatable.--

Today, the men and women of Iraq are deciding whether or not to ratify the FIRST ever Iraqi constitution- a constitution created by the people for the people. It's another historic step down the path of freedom and democracy for Iraq and Iraqi's, who are committed to deciding their own future, inspite of the incessant terrorist attacks against them personally, against the process, against democracy and against freedom.

Freedom is never free, and the Iraqi's understand the price that freedom extols, yet continue to march towards freedom inspite of the best efforts to deter them, not only by the terrorists, but sadly by American liberal left wing "progressives".

Since the election in January, the Iraqis have embraced the process of debate and dialogue needed in creating their constitution. Today Iraq's official news network, no longer a tool for Saddam's propaganda, is covering the referendum. The network airs talk shows that allow Sunni's, Kurds, and Shias, to express their opinions and engage in discussion. One would think that leftwing liberals who claim to "represent freedom and the values of democracy" would be rejoicing, and lending their voices in a loud chorus of support. But instead, Sean Penn, his band of merry Hollywood fuckwits, the MSM, and leftwing groups, like Code Pink, the ACLU, and ANSWER, are all silent.

Day in and out, the Iraqi's show more intelligence, courage, and determination than those Americans who have marched in the streets to voice their lack of support in our endeavor to help bring democracy to Iraq, demanding we abandon the Iraqi's, and in the case of Code Pink, ACLU, Hollywood elites, and the MSM, lending their continuous support to the terrorists,whether by money(Code Pink) or by their actions and words; tempering the truth of who they are supporting by calling them such mundane names as "insurgents", and "fighters". These Americans not only shame themselves, but are more shamed by the Iraqi's who are keeping their faces towards change, and choosing democracy and freedom.


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