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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Commander In Chief aka HRC for President

In a piece I wrote three days ago on Stagegate, I mentioned that while the left was spewing out their tired tirade at President Bush, the real staged event was the hourlong weekly infomercial for Hillary Clinton called "Commander in Chief", aka as HRC for President!

Masquerading as a "spontaneously original idea with NO agenda" the show is home to a writing staff and producers that worked for the Clintons during Bill's presidency and whose mandate is to help americans psychologically prepare for a woman president in the not to distant future (say...2008?) The thinly veiled attempt at having Gina Davis portray an "independant" is as transparant as saran wrap! Make no mistake......this character is a democrat!!!

Add to that the continuous portrayal of a Republican speaker of the house as this "ambitious man who will stop at nothing to thwart her leadership" speaks loudly to just how determined the democrats are, along with their band of MSM, Hollywood fuckwits, and leftwing moonbats, to keep alive their skewed inflamatory image of Republicans and conservatives. Donald Sutherland HATES republicans, and his portrayal of an "a manipulative nasty " Republican is less acting skill, and more a manifestation of his personal feelings.

The shows creator, Rod Lurie, is a democrat yet contends he modeled his female president not on Hillary, but on Susan Lyne, the former head of ABC who now runs the Martha Stewart empire. "We don't want to be caught on just the left side of the world," he says. "Although I'm a Democrat, I'm certainly not happy with the party right now, nor fully with its politics. That's why I wanted to create an Independent character. We'll be able to straddle both sides of the world."

JB Williams wrote a great piece in MichNews.com Hollyweird PreEmpts Hilary's Bid

NBC successfully designed and launched a prime time series titled West Wing geared to provide an escape for millions of hardened socialist liberals Jonesing for a Clintonesque ideology fix in the post-Bush election era.

Commander-in-Chief seeks to connect Hillary with all those “soccer-moms” that voted her perverted husband into the oral office, twice. If anyone can do it, Hollyweird can. Wait till you see Geena and Hillary soon campaigning together on a stump near you!


  • At 1:53 PM, October 17, 2005, Blogger Barb said…

    "oral office" -- ROFL!!!

    I wasn't fooled fer a minute with this one. Wonder how many people were?

  • At 6:33 PM, October 17, 2005, Blogger Huntress said…

    "oral office" I still haven't stopped laughing!

    "Keeping with the modern liberal tradition of subliminal socialist indoctrination via the electronic genius in every living room across America,"...man I wish I had said that!

    Must drop by your site and say Hi....will be making the blogrounds later tonite!

    Dinner awaits!


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