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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Katrina Didn't Discrimate.....

It disgusting to me that our "non biased" MSM spent weeks giving voice to Democrats who vilified Pres.Bush's response to Hurricane Katrina, and worse, gave voice to, Howard Dean, Oprah Winfrey's and Kanye West's ASSININE and bogus assertions that President Bush was a racist, claiming that was the reason behind what they considered to be a lackluster Federal response to Hurricane Katrina.

Even recently, MSNBC Hurricane Aftermath, continued to lend a voice to black community activist Leah Hodges, whose claims have been proven to be nothing more than emotional bullshit.

A story that I have only seen appear in The Toronto Globe and Mail, by Paul Koring, exposes the bias, the lies, the unsubstantiated myths, that the democrats and the MSM perpetuated shortly after Katrina hit and continue to perpetuate today.

According to the Louisiana Dept of Health and Hospital, the death toll shows UNEQUIVOCALLY that the media fuelled myth that blacks died disproportionately was and remains a lie!

Of the 623 bodies identified, 293 are black and 262 are white. It would seem that AGE, not race was the discriminating factor.

The death toll closely matched demographics of the two hardest hit areas, one predominately black parish and two adjacent mostly white parishes.

"That picture of a colour blind killer storm - stands in sharp contrast to that of black people dying in droves because of an uncaring or delinquent relief effort".

It seems that Black activist Leah Hodges, and New Orleans evacuee Patricia Thompson as well as Dem. Cynthia McKinney need to be reminded of the facts:

As Jon Donley, editor for Nola.com, points out, "There were major misconceptions right from the beginning".

He goes on to explain that two of the hardest hit areas were "white upper middle class and that there were homes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars that people were drowning in."

"We often let our presumptions jump ahead of the facts", according to Tom Rosenstiel, director of Columbia Universitys Project for Excellence in Journalism.
(In this day"Excellence in Journalism" is an oxymoran when it comes to the MSM)

Paul Koring's article also goes on to clear up several other lies perpetuated by the Democrats:

Howard Dean: "US citizens have to come to terms with the ugly truth that skin colour, age and economy played a significant role in survived and who did not"

I think the only thing US citizens need to come to terms with is that Howard Dean is a fucking liar...PERIOD!

No one accused the gov't of not caring about the elderly, a group that tends to vote disproportionately for Republicans. He, like many commentators and much of the media was wrong about race.

Dozens of elderly people drowned after being abandoned in nursing homes. Larger numbers died alone in their own homes after failing , refusing or being unable to leave despite a mandatory evacuation order. The death toll was "almost entirely a failure of evacuation, not response" Mr.Donley said.

Despite the facts to the contrary, democrats, the MSM and clearly many black evacuees and black activists have become very quiet about admitting that it was the failure of two democrats - Nagin and Blanco - yet continue to vocalize their lies and misconceptions and blame a gov't they happen to hate.

Other lies and unsubstantiated claimes perpetuated endlessly by the media and Dems have also failed to stand up:

-Ray Nagin claims that 1000s crammed into the Superdome were "watching hooligans killing people, raping people"

- Nola Police Chief, Eddie Compass, claimed on Oprah that "babies were being raped and tourists beaten"

Yet the MSM and Dems remain silent and /or in denial now that the truth has been revealed as evidenced by this statement from Rep. Cynthia McKinney, D-Ga., a member of the Congressional Black Caucus.

“Racism is something we don’t like to talk about, but we have to acknowledge it,” McKinney said. “And the world saw the effects of American-style racism in the drama as it was outplayed by the Katrina survivors.”

Really, now? It seems that the facts paint a different story. Once again let me repeat that the findings of the Louisianna Dept of Health and Hospitals which clearly prove that race was not a factor, age was. The failure was not response but E V A C U A T I O N! And evacuation is the responsibility of the local and state gov'ts!

Where is Kanye West's apology for his slanderous lies? Where is Oprah's apology for her role in supporting and perpetuating lies about Pres Bush? Why is the MSM not admitting that their personal liberal biases allowed them to report unsubstantiated lies and pass them off as fact!
And why are they continously giving voice to the misguided misconceptions and /or downright lies of McKinney, and Leah Hodges who had the audacity at the Senate Hearings to compare shelter conditions to a concentration camp.

“I’m going to call it what it is,” Hodges said. “That is the only thing I could compare what we went through to.”

How dare this misguided politically motivated black woman EVER compare the Katrina shelters to concentration camps in Nazi Germany!!!!Has Leah ever set foot inside Auschwitz? Perhaps the jewish survivors of the Holocaust would be willing to set her straight.

What a disfuckingusting display of her misguided hatred towards Pres Bush and his administration.

Personal Message to Ms Hodges: Don't ever play the Jewish Concentration Camp Hitler card again....you are playing with fire when you compare the intentional genocide of an entire peoples to Nagin's and Blancos pathetic failures. You sick sad pathetic excuse of a human being.
Your lies about the failures are bad enough but when you DARE compare shelters to concentration camps you cross the line of decency! I am appalled by your ignorance, your audacity and I question your sanity.

The truth has been exposed: race wasn't a factor, AGE was, and the failures were of evacuation NOT response. Evacuation is the responsibility of the local(Mayor Nagin) and State (Gov.Blanco) officials. And the truth about Ms Hodges, the democrats and the MSM's agenda, credibility, and hatred for this adminstration have also been exposed.

But truth isn't something the MSM, celebrities, liberals democrats, be they black or white, are willing to acknowledge when it doesnt fit their biased Bush hating agenda.


  • At 10:12 PM, January 26, 2006, Blogger Leland said…

    It's amazing that the Democrats, lead by Senator Hillary Clinton on this issue, are ratcheting up the rhetoric that Bush knew the dangers of Katrina well in advance and did nothing.

    I live in Houston, and work with many people who grew up in New Orleans. Those who had family there have known for years about the potential for New Orleans becoming a bowl. Indeed, many blogs speculated this as early as 72 hours before landfall.

    President Bush should take blame for his choice of FEMA, but that failure is minor compared to Gov. Blanco and slimeball Nagin.

    Now, I always had a bit more bias towards Mississippi. I worked a summer at Stennis, MS, and after a week in Slidell, LA, I decided Mississippi was better. MS was beautiful, and I scored an awesome condo on the beach 20 miles from where Katrina came ashore. That condo is gone, along with its foundation. I keep hearing about New Orleans, but Mississippi's coast from Biloxi to Bay of St. Louis was wiped away for about 1/2 mile inland. Nobody is blaming anyone for that loss. Moreover, nobody in Mississippi is playing politics and looking like fools.


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