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Sunday, February 04, 2007

John Edwards, Democrats and Iraq

John Edwards, like most Dems, believes that "we must engage directly with Iran in trying to resolve the sectarian violence in Iraq" .

On Meet The Press this morning, Edwards had this to say:

"Iran has an interest in Iraq not totally going chaotic - if you just think about Iran - it's true Iran has done some bad things - they provided supplies and equipment to Shia Militia -but they have been fairly supportive of the Shia led gov't in Iraq. So what is Iran's interest in this?

According to Edward's, Iran's first interest is in" not having 1 mill plus refugees coming across their western border", and that because they are a Shite dominated country in a larger Sunni dominated Middle East if this becomes a broader ME conflict, they are very much in the minority and "I can assure you they (Iran) understands that" .

Well, I can assure you, that this speaks to both his naivity and his ignorance . This kind of absurd misguided thinking runs prevalent in Dems running for Presidency in 2008 as well as those present today in Congress and the Senate- not to mention their constituents. The DEMS do not understand the convoluted mindset of the Iranian President and Mullahs, and the reality of the complex nature of this war on terror.

Let's listen to a man who DOES get it - NY Times journalist John Burns who has spent four years in Iraq and has a deep well connected list of Iraqi friends , both Sunni and Shia and deep connections with the Special Forces and the Military in Iraq.

Burns was recently interviewed on Charlie Rose:

Charlie Rose: If that kind of civil war is only preventable by the US presence there...then why isn't there any more more effort on the part of Iran and Syria and other surrounding countries to do something to help us. The catastrophe of us leaving will not only be a catastrophe for the Iraqi people, but it will also be a catastrophe for everyone who has one side or the other: the Iranians for the Shia - the Saudis for the Sunnis.

John Burns: "The temptation to comfound the great Satan, America, in Iraq appears to OVERIDE the kind of considerations you are speaking off... mainly the Iranian interest in stability in Iraq. This was something the US counted on heavily when the Shite gov't was first elected 18 months ago. The feeling was that with Iranian backed Shiite parties elected to run the Iraqi gov't - the Iranian gov't would see some interest in stabilizing the situation and helping the Shias who have finally come to power for the first time in 1300 years to finally stablize control of the situation. Yet, they haven't done that and more importantly US Military Intel tell us that Iran is not only feeding money and weapons to Shi militia groups which are feuding amongst themselves, but they are also feeding weapons to Sunni insurgent groups."

John Edwards, like most of the dems running for President, and like the DEMS in Congress, knows little of what he speaks when it comes to the most important political issue and the most important struggle any free and democratic society is now facing.



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