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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pat Dollard 's "Young Americans" on Showtime

At last, Young Americans, the 8-episode mini series by agent-turned manager-turned gonzo documentary film maker and honorary Marine, Pat Dollard, airs the Spring on Showtime.

Over half a year and 600 hours of footage in the formerly most dangerous place on earth has had a spill-over effect into how Dollard perceives the world today.

"The best of spiritual America, the spirit of America is in Iraq," is how he describes it.
Congrats, my friend, you’ve put alot of your blood - in the literal sense- and sweat into this project.

Matt Sanchez reviews Episode 3 "The Glass Factory" for World Net Daily.

This spring, Pat Dollard's Young Americans will air on cable television, the result of years of work. But there's a good reason for the time it has taken: Pat Dollard is a man obsessed with reality, his reality of the war he experienced while embedded with the 3rd battalion 7th Marines in Ramadi.

Mixing that desire with Hollywood never is simple, either. Getting attention for movie projects often is a large part of the goal, with much of a project's budget going to advertising. Just that attention can make a film a blockbuster or package it for the discounted DVDs. Publicity is everything in Hollywood, and that's what makes the films about the war in Iraq so different.

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