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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Stand Beside Mark Steyn

I have read and own a copy of Mark Steyn's "America Alone". Will Faisel Joseph, the Canadian Islamic Council, Khurrum Awan, & Naseem Mithoowani try to sue me for reading it and disagreeing with their bogus assessment that it is "islamaphobic" in nature??
Will the Canadian Human Rights Council come after me?

Naseem Mithoowani, one of the Osgoode Hall law students bringing forward the complaint, said the article was one of a series of articles offensive to Muslims.

Khurrum Awan, another of the students, said the group will argue before the commissions that such articles tend to subject Muslims to hatred or contempt.

So a well written piece that deals with the reality of DEMOGRAPHY is what Khurrum Awan, Naseem Mithoowani, and the Canadian Islamic Congress, really believe subjects Muslims to hatred or contempt; yet they take NO issue with the actions of a MUSLIM man KILLING his MUSLIM daughter for NOT wearing her head-dress OR when Muslims hijack planes and fly them into buildings MURDERING innocent civilians, OR when Muslims train suicide bombers who then MURDER innocent civilians in London & Madrid, OR when they live in MY birth Country and are arrested as they come close to acting on their plot to plant bombs in knapsacks in the Eaton Center where my friends and family shop, OR when one of the Muslim wives of one of those Muslim men arrested, maintains a website that spews forth HER hatred for this "filthy country", and her love of Jihad!

Not the spiritual kind of jihad of which the Koran speaks of, but the twisted "let's kill all the infidels" kind of jihad that Muslim terrorists live and die by.

To paraphrase what Khurrum Awan said: if you look at the theme of that Muslim women's website & the actions taken by Muslim extremists GLOBALLY, combined with the NON ACTION taken in opposition to those Muslims whose hateful speeches, books, websites, and actions are all done in the name of Mohammed and Islam, I-as a non Muslim- feel personally victimized.

In his recent blog post, Mr Garry J. Wise, a Canadian lawyer writes:

" I cannot imagine any basis upon which any of the human rights commissions involved would ultimately rule against Steyn or Macleans on these complaints."

IF this is true - then WHY is the complaint even being considered?
This is nothing more than an attempt to challenge the very law he claims will protect Macleans.

Mr Wise alleges that if Steyn had said these same things in a workplace and not as journalist, his facts on demography would fit the description of racial toxicity and discrimination.

Unlike the endless toxicity spewed forth in rap lyrics aired on radio daily or the endless toxicity found on website run by a Muslim woman who spews forth her hatred for "this filthy country" and talks proudly of being able to annul her marriage to her husband should he refuse to take part in jihad against "infidels"....and by jihad she didn't mean the spiritual jihad the Koran embraces.

Perhaps Khurrum Awan, Naseem Mithoowani, and The Canadian Islamic Council might want to consider the REAL reasons all Muslims might be subjected to hatred and contempt:

How many "moderate" Muslims stood up in solidarity with non Muslims at the OUTRAGEOUS actions of the Sudanese gov't when thet falsely accused , and then arrested , a teacher for disrespecting Islam, when it was her MUSLIM student who named his teddy bear Mohamed? Why didn't Khurrum Awan, Naseem Mithoowani,and the Canadian Islamic Congress,stand up for HER human rights, which were repeatedly violated ? After all she didn't name the bear, a MUSLIM boy did.

The fact that the world Muslim community didn't stand up for HER human rights, and that the only Muslims who took the streets in protest were those who wanted her KILLED, speaks volumes as to WHY all Muslims might just be subjected to hatred and contempt.

By remaining silent, The Canadian Islamic Congress, as well as Khurrum Awan, Naseem Mithoowani, and even my moderate Muslim friends, become complicit in the actions of Muslim extremists.

And what about Irshad Manji's human rights which were extremely violated when a fatwa was issued against her for having the courage to bring to light the trouble with Islam, in her honest and thought provoking book aptly named " The Trouble With Islam".

I didn't hear Faisel Joseph, and the Canadian Islamic Council, or any of these four law students, offering to defend her human rights against Muslims who threatened her life. Or is her right to publish a book discussing the problems endemic to Islam a violation of some Canadian law as well as some Islamic law that we are not aware of?

You know what other actions are likely to subject Muslims to hatred and contempt: when four Muslim law students and Faisal Joseph, from the Canadian Islamic Congress, are trying to make a name for themselves by filing ludicrous, baseless complaints with the federal, Ontario and British Columbia human rights commissions over an October 2006 article.

As annoyed as I am with this blatant attempt to inflame passions and anger between non Muslims and Muslims, what's really pathetic and beyond contempt is that the Canadian "Human Rights" Council has caved in to these four students baseless and biased demands, no doubt under fear of retaliation by so called 'moderate Muslims".

Thankfully the Muslim Canadian Congress understands the fundamental basis of "freedom of expression" and what factors might honestly be contributing to hatred and contempt of Muslims, vs nonsense put forth by spotlight seekers. The Muslim Canadian Congress works hard to alleviate hatred towards Muslims and have been very successful - while what the Canadian Islamic Council, along with Naseem, Khurrum and the other two law students are doing is both counterproductive to their efforts and successes, and only serves to inflame anger, hatred, and contempt towards all Muslims - the very thing they claim they are trying to prevent!!

Faisal Joseph, a lawyer from the Canadian Islamic Congress who is representing the four students, argued that journalists can't write just anything.

But apparently the wife of a man arrested as part of an Islamic terrorist group in Toronto can "write just anything" on her website and by anything I mean hate filled vile diatribes against Canadians.

If you are truly concerned, Faisel, about writings that subject Muslims to hatred and contempt, why did you not stand up TO her, and take legal action against her? After all, spewing forth that kind of vile hatred towards NON Muslims and Muslims who refuse to live a fundamentalist life style does far more harm to all Muslims - subjecting them all to hatred and contempt - than a fact based article the on demography that discusses the high birth rate among Muslims in Europe and speculates that Islamic people could become the majority population in Europe in the not too distant future. It also says some Muslims are violent radicals.

So if I lay claim that the Asian population could become the majority population in Toronto or Vancouver in the not to distant future, and mention that SOME Asians are violent, is that considered hate filled talk in violation of Asian Human Rights, and am I subjecting them to hatred and contempt??

There is NOTHING in that chapter in Mark's book or in that article in Macleans, which merely discusses the realities of demography, that would in anyway subject Muslims to hatred and contempt.

However the same cannot be said about this ludicrous lawsuit four Muslim students and the Canadian Islamic Congress are bringing forward.

From where I sit, it is Mark Steyn who is being discriminated against and victimized.


Jason Kenney Stands Beside Mark Steyn
Jason Kenney, Sec.of State for Multiculturalism, speaks out against Awan & The Canadian Islamic Congress in this letter to Khurrum Awan (PDF)

"I find that this attack on Freedom of Expression by Mr Elmsary,Chairman & President of The Canadian Islamic Congress, ironic given his own track record, which is not exactly one of tolerance and respect for others".

He admonishes Awan for associating with Elmsary- who has gone on record as advocating the death of anyone over the age of 18 in Israel-while accusing Steyn & Maclean's of promoting hatred towards Muslims.

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  • At 1:22 PM, December 20, 2007, Blogger David M said…

    The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the - Web Reconnaissance for 12/20/2007 A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day...so check back often.

  • At 7:01 PM, February 04, 2008, Blogger Mike Savant said…

    I think many people do not understand why a complaint was filed against Macleans Magazine. The following YouTube link provides an interview from Khurrum Awan *himself* on the Mike Duffy Live Show explaining the facts.


  • At 10:17 PM, February 04, 2008, Blogger Huntress said…

    In discussing the article in which Mark Steyn's book 'America Alone" was excerpted in Maclean's Magazine, Mike Duffy did not, as he put it "badly paraphrase" what Steyn's book is about ---he so utterly twisted and distorted the content of the book that one wonders if he actually read it or if is merely too stupid to understand it.

    Now, onto Mr Awan who is obviously not a Muslim fanatic, but rather dashing, articulate, and understandably concerned about the way in which Muslims are portrayed.

    Mr Awan claims that the article is inflammatory because it states that Muslims living in the West have to be feared by virtue of their numbers and because they are part of a Muslim conspiracy to take over the West, build their caliphate and subjugate Westerners.

    Again this is a distortion of the article and the by fiat the book, but lets take discuss this aspect in particular:

    "to take over the West, build their caliphate and subjugate Westerners".

    Since Mr Awan feels this is inflamatory, then shouldn't the target of his suit be the clerics who in fact have stated this very goal endlessly in major newspapers and various CNN documentaries by Christiane Ammanpour---- a goal they also preach religious in their mosques, be they in the UK, The US, Canada or Saudi Arabia.

    Mr Awam also alleges that several other articles published in Maclean's about Muslims went so far as to claim that Muslims engage in sex with minors and animals, drink the blood of non believers and that the CBC sitcom is part of a conspiracy to make Islam acceptable just like homosexuality in western society.

    Let's look at what Mark Steyn wrote in a piece about Little Mosque on the Prairie:

    "And I went on to explain that back in the nineties, sitcoms and movies began introducing gay characters who were the most likeable and got all the best lines, and that Muslims were likely to be the lucky beneficiaries of a similar dispensation. In both cases, the intent is the same: to make Islam, like homosexuality, something only uptight squares are uncool with."

    Mr Awam chose to fixate on that ONE line, and then takes it completely out of context.

    Let's look at the rest of what Mark wrote:

    "I would love to see a really great Muslim sitcom. After all, one of the worst forms of discrimination is to exclude someone from the joke. Gags are one of the great pillars of a common culture...You don't have to look hard to find comedy in the Muslim world.

    In a debate at Trinity College, Dublin, recently, the aforementioned Omar Brooks said that Muhammad's message to non-believers was: "I come to slaughter all of you." He meant it, but come on, you'd have to have a heart of stone not to weep with laughter.

    Warming to his theme, he said, "We are the Muslims. We drink the blood of the enemy, and we can face them anywhere."

    That quote "we drink the blood of the enemy" which Mr Awam somehow managed to twist slightly to read Muslims drink the blood of non believers in order to suit this interview and to justify his bogus legal action against Macleans, was made by a BRITISH MUSLIM COMIC in London!

    With further regards to his claims that Macleans published articles that went so far as to claim Muslims engage in sex with minors and animals, drink the blood of non believers and that the CBC sitcom is part of a conspiracy to make Islam acceptable just like homosexuality in western society,
    one has to wonder why the Canadian Islamic Congress would not be angered by any article that defamed Muslims in such a manner. Funny how we've never heard nary one peep from them.

    Needless to say, I pulled up every article about Muslims from MacLean's online magazine and did a "find" for "sex with minors and animals" and NOT ONCE did that appear in any of the well over 19 articles I searched through.

    Perhaps Mr Awan would be so kind as to provide the date, title as well as copies of these articles that made these alleged claims about Muslims. I 'd be interested in seeing the context in which these claims were allegedly made.

    Until then, this interview has only served to prove that Mike Duffy cannot comprehend what he reads, or hasn't read the article or the book that he chooses to do an interview about, and that Mr Awan selectively takes sentences out of context to further his agenda, who accuses Macleans of making claims that I can't seem to find in any article, without, and falsely attributes an inflammatory quote, not to the British MUSLIM comic who made it, but to Mark Steyn!!

  • At 6:55 PM, June 07, 2008, Blogger Huntress said…

    Correction to the above:

    one has to wonder why the MUSLIM CANADIAN CONGRESS would NOT be angered by any article that defamed Muslims in such a manner.


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