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Saturday, December 08, 2007

"Christmas in Fallujah" Billy Joel's song inspired by soldiers in Iraq

Inspired by letters he received from soldiers in Iraq, who have taken solace in his tunes during their tours in the war-torn country, singer songwriter & beloved piano man Billy Joel has composed "Christmas In Fallujah" which combines the soldiers sentiments with his own impressions of the battle.

It is a beautiful moving tribute sung not by Billy Joel, but by newcomer Cass Dillon.Billy felt it was time to give another artist a chance at greater success.

"Christmas in Fallujah" is available NOW for download on i-Tunes. Net proceeds will be donated to Home For Our Troops.

The more people download the song from iTunes, the more more proceeds will be raised and donated to this wonderful charity.

Encourage EVERYONE you know to buy this song DIRECTLY from i-Tunes! If there was ever a reason NOT to download for free, THIS IS IT!

From Billy Joel's Website:

Billy Joel, the quintessential American singer, songwriter, composer and performer, has passed along his latest composition, "Christmas In Fallujah," to the emerging young artist Cass Dillon. Dillon's electrifying rendition of the song -- produced by Tommy Byrnes and Jay Baumgardner and recorded with members of Billy's ensemble -- will be available for purchase exclusively on the iTunes Store beginning Tuesday, December 4.

Net proceeds generated from downloads of "Christmas in Fallujah" will be donated to Home for Our Troops, a nonprofit that builds specially adapted homes for severely disabled veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Live video of Billy Joel and Cass Dillon and Members of the Armed Forces Performing Christmas in Fallujah!

Cass Dillion 's powerful rendition was made even more evocative when soldiers joined him on stage. Seeing the soldiers on stage and hearing them add some background vocals towards the end of this song, moved me deeply.

I realize that this is being considered an 'anti war' but 'pro troop' song, and this might anger pedantic right wing bloggers, but I refuse to give extreme voices on either side of the political spectrum any gravitas. This song supports our troops, it's beloved by them, and proceeds go to helping our Vets. Billy loves our troops, he may or may not agree that this was the right war to risk their lives- I cannot speak to that, but he most sincerely respects them, their mission, wants it completed, and was deeply moved and inspired by their letters to him.

Personally, I love this song. It's haunting & powerful. We live in a country where the right to express different opinions is a treasured freedom, worth dying for, and along with many freedoms most Americans seem to take for granted, it is at the heart of why our men and women are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Anti war, pro troops works for me, and should work for those on the right. Who in their right mind is PRO WAR? We are pro victory. We are PRO TROOP. Some may not have "voted" for this mission,or believe this was the battle in the war on terrorism that we needed to fight, but they do support our troops, want the mission to succeed, and want nothing less than for our troops to come home safe, whenever that may be.

Let's not allow unnecessary pettiness prevent us from seeing the bigger picture. Watch the video and Support our troops by downloading the song from I-Tunes.

The proceeds go to a very worthy cause!


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