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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Men Without Honour

I've written about Jeremy Dinzman twice. He volunteered to join the US Army, & he benefited financially from this decision.

But when he found out he actually HAD to go off to war, the coward fled the US, deserted his unit, and came seeking asylum in Canada.

The Supreme Court refused today to hear appeals from Jeremy Hinzman and another deserter, Brandon Hughey, who sought refugee status on the grounds of their opposition to the war in Iraq. As is usual in such decisions, the high court gave no reasons for its ruling.

The Supreme Court does not need to give any reason - the message is loud and clear: Canada has no place for deserters.

Canadians have troops who are honorably serving their country in the war on terror!
To allow these two selfish, lying, cowardly deserters asylum would be a slap in the face to the brave men and women of Canada's Military now fighting, and dying, in Afghanistan.

My friend's husband went AWOL while during the Viet Nam war. Rick was drafted, wounded twice and returned to the war each time. But after he was wounded a 3rd time, as he lay recovering in an army hospital, he made torturous decision.

After two years in the drenches, after being wounded three times, and having escaped death multiple times, he really believed he would not be so lucky the next time. He knew he had done his part, he had served honorably, he had not used deferments, or excuses when he was drafted and realizing that he would likely never be able to return to his birth country, a country he loved, he made the very tough decision to flea to Canada, leaving behind family, friends, and his brothers in arms! He escaped with the help of a Nurse who had been tending to his recovery while he was hospitalized.

He made it to Canada, However, he did NOT dare insult the Canadian gov't by demanding asylum. Asylum was meant for people living in countries ruled by despots and dictators. Instead, the nurse who helped him had arranged for him to work as a bartender at her friends bar in Montreal, no questions asked. Rick worked hard, met my friend who became his wife, today remain married with 3 kids, and 2 grandchildren,

When I asked him to weigh in on the Dinzman, Hughey situation, without hesitation he replied that neither of these cowards deserved asylum; they should both be denied asylum and deported back to the US where they should receive jail time for their actions. Full stop.

So you may wonder why someone went AWOL and fled to Canada during the Vietnam War feel as he does---the difference is that Rick was drafted AND served , and was injured three times, the last injury being extremely serious. (

Dinzman, and Hughey, on the other hand, were not drafted. Instead, they volunteered to joinsoley to take advantage of the financial and educational benefits offered to someone who CHOOSES to enlist, but when it came to repay the piper and live up to the oath they took voluntarily, they reneged, and fled the country.

Rick is a man of honor, a hero, and a man of courage.
Dinzman and Hughey are selfish lying cowards.

Hinzman told the Fayetteville Observer by phone that the socialist structure of the military appealed to him - he liked the subsidized housing and groceries and, at the end of his service, the money for college.

"It seemed like a good financial decision,"

"I had a romantic vision of what the army was.'

Jeremy Dinzman by his own admission joined the Army for free food, housing, and a nest egg provided by Taxpayers. His motivation was about what he could take from his Country, not would he would give back. It seems Dinzman has confused selflessness with selfishness.

That Jeremy claims he had a"romantic vision "of what the Army was, is both disingenuous and irrelevant.

If Jeremy had signed a loan agreement with an American bank, for a large sum of money to pay for housing and food, and then reneged on repayment, claiming he thought it was a sound financial decision at the time, but that he had a "romantic notion " of what taking a loan meant, and as such was simply not going to pay it back but instead decided to flea to Canada ---- I doubt any Canadian bank would feel he was entitled to "asylum".

It should come as NO surprise that that those on the Left, support this kind of selfish, lazy, good for nothing, take what he can get, give nothing back, kinda guy. He represents what Democrats love. Entitlement with nothing in return. Take Take Take!!

Canada's Supreme Court has made the right decision in denying Dinzman, and Brandon Hughley's bogus and disingenuous claims for refugee status. Now it's time for them to be sent back to the US. Both these men are cowards, liars, and have no honor. We have no place for them in Canada. This is NOT the 70's. These men CHOSE to join the military and took an oath to serve and protect. Well...Jeremy apparently took an oath to be fed, housed, educated, and given a nest egg!

The truth is, they both volunteered to join the Military, they enjoyed the benefits of that decision, and they took an oath to serve and protect their country. They do NOT get to choose which wars they get to fight or walk away from!

Enough time and energy has been wasted on these two sad excuses for human beings. Their claims have been seen time and again for what they truly are: BOGUS.

The Supreme Court of Canada knows shit when it sticks up its courtroom! Get these men and their families out of my birth country, back to the US, and let them deal with the consequences of their actions.

Let them serve a year in jail for every year they hid out in Canada. They can each write a book that can be sold to Hollywood where they will be embraced and said book can be turned into a feature film - once the writers strike is over - about the "injustices" they suffered when they CHOSE to join the military, and CHOSE to receive the educational and financial benefits the Military offers, and then CHOSE to renege on their commitment to the Military in return for said benefits, and ran away, like the lying cheating cowards they both are, to Canada where they lived for years embraced by extreme left wing loons.

The Canadian Supreme Court has said NO to deserters seeking asylum.

I say: So long, c ya, bye bye, au revoir!

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