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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Eli Pariser LYING on CNN

Today on CNN as I write this, Eli Pariser is LYING while accusing General Petreaus of lying. Parise lies are an attempt to justify the despicable ad that his cult, MORON.org , took out in the equally despicable NY Times.

He alleges no one has disputed the lies he put forth in the ad, but in fact, (and facts are not what Eli deals in) many people - politicians, journalists, and general public - have denounced the ad and some have stated clearly that the ad is filled with lies, distortions and out of text comments manipulated by the cult of MORON.org. who desperately wanted attention, and used its usual tactics manipulation and lies to distort truths they hate and refuse to believe.

It is infuriating -but not surprising - that CNN has provided Eli with yet another platform to spread his lies, and it begs the question why CNN did have anyone appear on the same segment to counter Eli's distortion of the truth.

Even a NYTimes/CBS poll indicated that most Americans trust the Military to end this war and want it done at a measured pace. Asked to choose among the administration, Congress and military commanders, 21 percent said they would most trust Congress and 68 percent expressed most trust in military commanders. By fiat, that includes General Petreaus.

What strikes me as interesting is how Eli and many on the left Left went on endlessly about General Petraeus being a mouthpiece for Pres Bush, yet when asked if the war in Iraq has made America safer, Gen.Petraeus, rather than parroting the administrations stock "yes" answer, answered honestly and truthfully when he said he simply did not know. But now the Left is all aghast and up in arms. How could he tell us that??? How could he not repeat the adminstrations mantra?? How could he have responded so HONESTLY???

Had he said "yes" the Left would be shrieking like Code Pink banshees that General Petraeus was merely a shill for the administration.

The Left wants truth, but they can't handle truth, even when the truth that is spoken reflects one of their own talking points!!

Does anyone really wonder why Congress approval rating now stands at its lowest level since Democrats took control??


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