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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Entourage aka My Life As A Hollywood Biz Babe

Right now I think there is a new breed of women agents, and it probably carries over to other areas of business as well, where they are fully women: they’re stylish, they’re pretty, but they are incredibly good at what they do and incredibly well respected. Carla Gugino, actress.

I often get asked about my years spent working in '"the biz" . If you want to pull back the velvet curtain and take peak, check out "Entourage".

Drawing on the real life experiences of industry insiders, "Entourage" is a heightened reality version of "a day in the life" of a Hollywood agent, a very hot young actor ( played by real life hottie , Adrian Grenier) and his hometown entourage.

This season, the Producers took the very realistic move of having Vince fire is first and long time agent, Ari Gold, whose cocky overconfident nature serves him well in the shark invested waters of Hollywood, but also causes him to lose his most valuable client.

We open up the last few episodes of Season 3 with the introduction of Vince's new agent: Amanda ---played by the talented, gorgeous Carla Gugino. I wish I looked as hot as Carla, but physical appearance aside, she certainly depicts what I faced as a female agent working in the boys club that is Hollywood.

Jeremy Piven was BORN to play role of Ari Gold, and his scene stealing performances often overshadow the other actors. Yet Carla Gugino delivers a stellar performance as Vince's new agent, who simply sits back and watches Ari's hubristic nature play out as he tries to slither his way back into Vince's career, then calls him on his bullshit.

In the character of Amanda, Carla acknowledges that producer Doug Ellin has brought to the series a strong successful woman who can go head to head with Ari.

“She is commanding in her profession and she also has a sexual dynamic with the characters, that I think is not that common on this show.”

The series is into the second half of its 3rd season, with 8 new episodes that started April 8th and will continue until May 20th. Season Four begins June 2007.

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  • At 1:20 AM, May 20, 2007, Blogger Barb said…

    I've never watched it. Don't know that I could add another show to the weekly plan! Weird - I never used to watch a lot of TV. Then we got DVR service on our cable, and now I watch more than ever. It's too d*mn easy to record!


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