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Friday, October 12, 2007

Haunted Hero: A Tribute To Our Troops.

Tonite, I watched a special episode of Ghost Whisperer titled "Haunted Hero".

It was a dramatic, touching, sad, moving, authentic, honorable, elegant, dignified, uplifting beautiful, emotional, and evocative tribute to our troops.

Mark Tyler Jacob plays Matt, a soldier who, after serving in Iraq, returns to Grandview with a medal in hand and to a heroes welcome, but who is haunted by noisy nightmares and deeply troubled by suppressed and confusing memories of the night he lost his men.

Those memories come to life for Melinda, a Ghost Whisperer, who finds herself experiencing that same fatal battle over and over.

In effect, Matt has brought the Iraq war home with him.

Truth is the first casualty of war. So in order to help Matt, Melinda must first figure out why his soldiers have followed him home. But in order to do that,she needs to know the truth about how and why they died. Is Matt truly a hero, or is he a coward who deserted his men when they needed him most?

Mark Tyler Jacob served in Iraq. Recent vets who also served in Iraq and Afghanistan play members of his unit, and his neighbors at a backyard bbq.

Mark says the cast,crew and writers were dedicated to accuracy, the action sequences were very reminiscent of his real life experiences in Iraq and the entire subject was handled in a positive way.

The cast and crew felt that the soldiers brought dignity, integrity, and honor to the episode. They got to meet real heroes, got to say thank you, and were forever changed.

This episode was a tribute to those who have fought and are now fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan; to their families who wait, wonder, hope and pray; to those who came back physically and emotionally wounded, and to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Tonite, Hollywood done me proud.

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