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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Code Pink(o) Peaceniks Gone Wild!

The hags at Code Pink and their moronic male fanboys are at it again!

Those peace loving pursuers of life affirming activities like abortion and funding terrorists to the tune of $600,000, physically attacked members of Move America Forward, who were granted the right to peacefully to protest Code Pinko's actions and show their support of the Marine Recruiting Station and our Marines.

Law enforcement agencies refused to intervene when Code Pink attacked members of Move Forward America.

Hey Crips!! Hey Bloods!! PARRRTY TIME!!!! Feel free to loot, rape, steal, sell drugs, and engage in all sorts of criminal activity you normally pursue. Apparently the Mayor, the citizens, CHIPS, and local police won't intervene!

As if peaceniks gone nuclear wasn't audacious enough ---especially after accusing Marines of being baby killers, and using lying and deceptive tactics to recruit mature thinking adults who voluntarily come to explore the option of a career in the Marine Corp --- these delusional wingnuts have also published this LIE on their website:

The initiative was triggered by the unexpected appearance of a Marine Recruiting Station in Berkeley in 2007 – a phenomenon never expected nor experienced in this town that historically has always proudly embraced core values such as anti-war and pro-peace. The group has been holding a weekly, and most weeks daily, vigil outside the Marines Station, which includes life-affirming activities like a baby playgroup and mother's breastfeeding circle, yoga, singing, reading, and other activities.

Life Affirming activities like breast feeding and a baby playgroup from the very people who SUPPORT ABORTION.

I have to wonder what would happen if Move Forward America barricaded the doors of abortion centers in Berkeley & San Francisco and held weekly life affirming activities like breastfeeding, baby playgroup, and preventing THE MURDER OF UNBORN BABIES.

Would Medea Benjamin and her band of liars, peaceniks and kooks ---who pretend to be tolerant loving peoples and who PRETEND to embrace life affirming activities and the core values of peace, but who instead voluntarily MURDER unborn babies, physically attack and brutally harass anyone who doesn't share their opinion or 'core values" ------join in??? Would they lend their support by sitting in solidarity through weekly breastfeeding and baby play group life affirming activities in front of ABORTION CLINICS.

How would Medea and Code Pink react if Move Forward America members not only barricaded the doors, but physically prevented women from entering the abortion clinic, insulted them, harassed them, hurled hate-filled epitaphs at them like baby killers, and then physically attacked the members of a pro abortion group who were legally demonstrating across the street?

The law says the Marines are allowed to operate recruitment centers, and the law says doctors are allowed to operation Abortion Clinics. But Medea only cares about the laws SHE favors! The other laws have no meaning and can be completely disregarded by Medea and Code Pink.

Medea Benjamin and the entire Code Pink membership are lying, deceitful, hate mongering, kumbaya singing, attention seeking, terrorist supporting, jihad loving, fetus killing, lawbreaking, scumbag sociopaths.

As is anyone who continues to support their insanity& hypocrisy.
Which explains why liberal loser and wacked out wingnut Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates joined them. Birds of a feather!

UPDATE: Feb 13/07 0840am

The pro-Marines protesters came, saw, and conquered in Berkeley last night–despite massive chaos, anarchy, and police neglect. The City Council partially backed down–conceding it had erred in passing its obnoxious “unwelcome intruders” resolution and granting Code Pink special privileges. The SFChron reports that “some council members added that they felt they owed U.S. troops an apology as well the many Berkeley residents who were ashamed and offended by their position. ‘To err is human but to really screw up it takes the Berkeley City Council,’ said council member Gordon Wozniak. ‘We failed our city. We embarrassed our city.’”

H/T: Michelle Malkin: The Berkeley After-Action Report


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