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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Michele Bachmann: Earning A Buzz, Energizing GOP

Minnesota Congresswoman Driving Dems Berserk

She called for an expose to root out members of Congress who are “anti-America.” She gave President George W. Bush a public hug and a kiss so famously awkward one paper called it the “death grip.” She claimed to know of a secret plan to partition Iraq and carve out a “terrorist save haven zone,” and then backed off the statement.

“For what pisses off the Democrats, it really energizes that conservative base she has,” said Lawrence Jacobs, a political professor at the University of Minnesota. “This is not a strategic politician. This is a movement conservative. She’s a true believer.”

The larger party infrastructure is about winning elections, and Michele Bachmann is about saving America,” he said.

“Michele Bachmann is a microcosm of the tension between the Republican Party that wants to win elections and conservatives who want to fight and win policy battles. That is the core of it.”

I'd love to see her as Minnesota's next Governor.

H/T Pat Dollard


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