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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Bale Gone Psycho

Not sure exactly when it dawned on me that Hollywood was really one of Dante's circles of Hell, but "Bale Gone Psycho" sure brought back memories.

Here's the entire rant courtesy of TMZ: ( Warning: major F-bombs)

I used to rep Cinematographers, so my heart goes out to Shane Hurlbut
Walking across the set to adjust lights while the scene was shooting was a stupid mistake but did not justify Bale going American Psycho on Shane.

Below is the best comment I've read. John is right when he says:

(Assoc. Producer & Assistant Director) Bruce Franklin's defense of Bale's indefensible behavior is enabling and sycophantic. Most actors are very gracious about this sort of mistake and would have taken the director aside to deal with it. Bale's loss of control on the set only served to unnerve the entire crew, not to mention his fellow actors who were just trying to maintain their own concentration. This is why Bale will never work for a director like Clint Eastwood, who would have fired him on the spot. You don't see Bale working much with Spielberg, either. There's a reason for that. He has a well-known history for being emotionally unstable on and off sets. The guy is in dire need of therapy, rather than the excuses of some idiotic associate producer trying to make points with him in the media.

Maybe Baldwin & Bale can get a two for one deal with Dr Phil.


  • At 2:06 AM, February 05, 2009, Blogger kris said…


    Wot a charming guy. I don't know what your problem is!


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