Diary Of A Hollywood Refugee

Monday, December 01, 2008

My Life As A "Bizbabe"

Many people have emailed me asking me to share stories of my insider life in Hollywood, political differences aside.

In the past, I've shared some war stories of a darker nature, albeit this story isn't about me, it's about a challenge I encountered almost daily, Friends, Creative Conversations, and Hollywood,

I've writtten about some of my personal experiences, I am A Hollywood Refugee. and "We're Just Friends". And how my work as an Hollywood Agent was about Stroking Ego's With One Hand, & Stoking Insecurity with Another.

I've shared what insiders have known for a long time, that this is a Risky Business, especially when you are Trapped In The Closet, and introduced you to a kindred soul, Emmy award winning screenwriter Robert Averch, A Hollywood Republican.

My job included making sure I met and knew everyone worth knowing, hanging out on sets, attending film festivals in Sundance, Cannes & Toronto, and came with an expense account which I needed to use or it would imply I simply wasn't doing my job well; which meant I could often be found eating breakfast at The Four Seasons where studio heads, directors of development, and assorted celebs indulged in dealmaking over Cottage Cheese Lemon Pancakes and juice smoothies. I took clients,(actors, writers, cinematographers) development execs, producers, directors, publicists, managers and casting directors to lunch or dinner at the the latest " see and be seen" restaurant du jour; walked down the red carpet to attend film premieres and every freaking award show imaginable, and attended three important film festivals: Sundance , Cannes, and The Toronto Film Festival, where one comes across Celebrities, Suits, & Gawkers, Oh My!

I 've talked about two of my favorite red carpet award show events, The Golden Globes, and The Spirit Awards. The Spirit Awards are held the weekend leading into the Oscars, and the Golden Globes are always held in January.

But January is also when my favorite schmoozefests occurs: Sundance, Slamdance and Swagdance, which I've also written about here.

I've talked about the Actor and the Mullahs not just once, but Twice!
And strolled down memory lane with The Actors and the Communists.
And discussed the on going battle of Hollywood Vs America

I've shared an insightful piece "Hollywood Elementary" about the Child Actor's Program which takes place at The Oakwood, Toluca Lake, where I lived.

There's more I can, and someday might, tell you about my life as a biz babe, but as I've suggested before, you can get a peak behind the curtain by watching "Entourage"