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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Trapped In The Closet

(Originally posted in January 2006)

I received a few emails from various South Park fans who wondered if a recent eppy of South Park might have been inspired by something I wrote this summer: Risky Business.

I am flattered by that thought, especially since I HEART Southpark . I consider Trey and Matt two of the funniest, talented, most biting social commentators, who are prolifically in tune with the zeitgeist, at any given time, on any given issue, and for whom very little is sacred, including Hollywood celebs.

I suspect Tom's antics last summer, provided them with plenty of inspiration for "Trapped In The Closet"

For those who missed it, or have never seen "South Park" here's a recap of "Trapped In The Closet"

Stan is saving for a new bike, so he can't spend money with his friends on other fun endeavors. Bored out of his mind, he jumps at the chance to do something fun AND free: a personality test given by a Scientologist!

Shortly after, Stan "joins" the Church of Scientology, he is recognized, by the head of the organization, as the reincarnation of founder L.Ron Hubbard. *(Oh sweet Irony)*

En Masse, the faithful, including Hollywood celebs John Travolta and Tom Cruise, set up camp outside of Stan's house. When Stan totally disses Tom for his pathetic acting ability, Tom locks himself in the closet *(at this point Im laughing hysterically)* believing he's failed in the eyes of the "prophet".

Nicole Kidman knocks on the closet door, and gently encourages Tom to come out. She tells him that no one, including herself and Katie, will think any less of him, if he comes out of the closet, and that he really needs to come out now. Yet Tom keeps denying that he is in the closet. *(hahahahaha)*

Travolta tries to coax him out, and R.Kelly sings a "song" to encourage Tom to come out - an hilarious parody that incorporates the usual rap themes, - but they both fail and end up in the closet with Tom. *(Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off)*

South Park can be seen on Comedy Central.

Update: Issac Hayes has quit South Park.

According to Hayes; "There is a place in this world for satire, but there is a time when satire ends and intolerance and bigotry towards religious beliefs of others begins,"

But, for years, Hayes, who voiced "Chef", had no problem cashing paychecks off of his work on South Park, even as the cartoon " lampooned dozens of Christian symbols, a handful of Jewish traditions, and the baser instincts of certain Roman Catholic priests".

So why now?

Issac Hayes is a Scientologist & a hypocrite!

Tom Cruise managed to prevent this episode from recently airing in the UK, and he managed to prevent a re-airing on Wednesday of this eppy by threatening Paramount( parent owners of Comedy Central) saying he would not to any press for the upcoming feature Mission Impossible 3. I guess Tom has decided that certain freedoms granted in the US Constitution should be blantently disregarded. I'm curious Tom, where was all your "outrage" over eppys that harpooned Christianity, Judaism, and Islam? In the age of the internet, Tom, did you really think your actions would prevent people from viewing this eppy. Who needs broadcast tv when you can download the show and watch it endlessly. You of all people should understand that when you censor something, you create a wider, larger demand for it. And in age of the internet, and ever evolving technologies, that demand can be satisfied immediately.

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Update: South Park kills of "Chef".
"A lot of us don't agree with the choices the Chef has made in the last few days," one of the children eulogizes him at a funeral. "Some of us feel hurt and confused that he seemed to turn his back on us. But we can't let the events of the past few weeks take away the memories of how Chef made us smile.