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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

And on the subject of Shit Floating....

While I have remained silent on everything that Antonia Zerbisias writes, I finally opted to comment on her blog about her latest piece of trash she pawns off as intellectually enlightening,
(I swear she and Joel Stein must have been separated at birth!).

I simply could not remain silent any longer. Here is what I wrote:

In no less than 6 interviews Ms Manji gave, she, herself, said she received death threats from the Islamic community. Contrary to what you allude: The "right" did not dream this up. Too bad the same can't be said for most of the crap you make up and then attempt to pass off as intellectually enlightening "truths".

Shall we revist your inability to read a comment on a blog and attribute it to the correct commentator, instead choosing to blame Stefan Sharansky.

And today, in a sad attempt to justify your intense hatred for a certain blogger, you claim that "the calls for Muslim blood have calmed down since 9/11."

Interesting, because there was never any call for Muslim blood, that is something you have yet again fabricated, to suit your obvious agenda.

However the calls for non Muslim blood by fanatical religious fundamentalist Muslims has YET to stop - not to mention their endless rants about the destruction of Israel, oh and let's not forget the blood baths in Jordan, the mass murders on trains in Spain, and tubes in London, beheadings of civilians, and the kidnapping of a female journalist, and Christian CANADIANS in Iraq.

And you have the AUDACITY- or perhaps its just plain stupidity -to question whether Muslims are victims instead of perpetrators???

Would you ponder the same of Nazi's, or of the Romans who fed Christians to the lions?

Truthfully, I can understand that Muslims are offended by these cartoons, BUT, as I friend of mine wrote, "if Muslims are “understandably offended” by the portrayal of their prophet wearing a bomb instead of a turban then why aren’t they offended when one of their members wears a real bomb into a crowded market place and murders dozens of innocents all in the name of their God?"

And on that matter, I AM OFFENDED that they are strangely silent; not taking to the streets in protest of a misguided Jihad, but instead choosing to riot over European cartoons which they deem insulting and inflamatory, while conveniently overlooking the HUNDREDS of defaming, insulting, disgusting, anti-sematic, anti- christian cartoons displayed daily in Muslim papers around the world!

Yet we do not see Jews or Christians who find Islamic cartoons offensive, taking to the streets en mass, rioting, burning down buildings, and issuing death threats.

"Which makes me wonder who the real hate-mongers are: those who are cut off from modern communications technology and are more easily subject to the machinations of ignorant clerics — or those that should know better and who claim to be morally superior"

By "those who should know better and claim to be morally superior", you are of course talking about yourself. Therefore the answer as to who the real hatemongers are is BOTH.

Maybe it's because I'm a Canadian, that many intelligent people constantly ask me why your op - eds, most of which are deliberately distorted, are still popping up in a Canadian newspaper, and the only answer I can come up with is that Shit Floats.

Thankfully, most of us know exactly what to do with shit; we just keep flushing it down the toilet.


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