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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

First They Came........

I received an email from David, over at Thunder Run, with a link to a commentary by Dennis Prager, written in the Jewish World News.

As long as Muslim demonstrators only shouted "Death to America" and "Death to Israel," Europe (and the rest of the world's Left) found reasons either to ignore the Nazi-like evil inherent in those chants (and the homicidal actions that flowed from them) or to blame America and Israel for the hatred.

But like the earlier Nazis, our generation's fascists hate anything good, not merely Jews and Americans. And now the Damascus embassy of Norway, a leading anti-Israel "peace at any price" country, has been torched. And more and more Norwegians, and Brits, and French, and Dutch, and Swedes, and the rest of the European appeasers who blamed America for 9-11 and blamed Israel for Palestinian suicide bombings, are beginning to wonder whether there just might be something morally troubling within the Islamic world.

Read more here.

David has also written a response to an editorial that appeared in his local paper, entitled "Insulting Islam".

.....if Muslims are “understandably offended” by the portrayal of their prophet wearing a bomb instead of a turban then why aren’t they offended when one of their members wears a real bomb into a crowded market place and murders dozens of innocents all in the name of their God?

Read more here.


  • At 9:03 AM, February 08, 2006, Blogger David M said…

    Thanks for the link, and more imprtantly, thanks for realizing along with a few of us that if the Muslim comminity is truly practicing a religion of peice why hasn't CAIR stood up and denounced these riots and blatant acts of war against Denmark, Norway and several other European countries.

  • At 3:17 PM, February 08, 2006, Blogger Leland said…

    David has some good comments. I know Brett Hume made the same observation about "why are Muslims not offended by the violence done in the name of their religion?" I think it cannot be asked enough. Adding to your blog the comment about CAIR is also spot on.

    I saw on the Instapundit this quote from Opinion Journal: "Just as Muslims should not blame all Westerners for the poor taste of a cartoonist who wanted to be offensive, those horrified by the spectacle of rent-a-mob sackings of embassies in the name of Islam should not blame all Muslims for what is an outburst of fascist energy.

    Well that was the bottom line, but most of the article was claiming how the rioters aren't very representative of Islam, yet it doesn't condemn these madmen. Rather it calls for the rest us not to judge Islam based on them. Sorry, but your being judged on your decision to not take action.

    In the Western, Christian world, some Catholic Priest committed heinous crimes against children. The Vatican hid much of this for years, but when it came out, a house cleaning was in order. It took some time, but it was taken care of.

    Well, Islamic terrorism is nothing new, yet Muslims are still doing nothing to stop the violence committed in the name of their religion.


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