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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Shut The Fuck Up Ray Nagin

You incompetent arrogant lying fuck!

You condemn Rev Franklin Graham for saying Katrina was Gods wrath for the whores, crime, and sexual perversion that was abundant in New Orleans, and now you play the God card, claiming that Katrina was God's wrath for "invading Iraq under false pretense".

In what is a classic let's blame everyone but ME for what the Louisana Dept of Health and Hospital and Nola.com editor Tom Donley have proven was YOUR failure, you still deflect the blame by NOW claiming New Orleans was made to suffer for the War on Terror in Iraq.

The death toll was "almost entirely a failure of evacuation, not response" Mr.Donley said.

Evacuation is YOUR responsibility, Mayor Nagin. And Hurricane Katrina, like Andrew, like all other hurricanes that have hit the US each year, was an act of Nature, not of God. What was God punishing South Florida for when Hurricane Andrew struck? The War on Terror wasn't around for Floridians to blame!

Do you think God cares to punish your puny insignificant city? And since when do YOU have a direct line to God!!

If you didn't have the intelligence to ensure your levies were able to withstand NATURES wrath thats YOUR fault, not God's wrath against liberating millions of people in Iraq, helping them develop and sustain the first democracy in the Arab world, and uncovering caches of weapons, and mass graveyards filled with the bodies of men, women and children.

And I won't even get into that reverse racist remark about turning New Orleans into a black only enclave.

You have NEVER accepted responsibility for the failures that you were entirely responsible for,which includes the death toll, the exagerrated lies you spewed forth about alleged rapes and murders in the Dome, and the further lies you perpetuated during the Senate investigation to cover up YOUR incompetance. You've provided nothing but bullshit excuses for your incompetence and failures, as well as that of Gov Blanco, but this is an all time low even for you.... this sad excuse that spews forth from your mouth is a testimony to your insanity.

I hope you get thrown out of office in the next election,along with Blanco.
Who will you blame then, God, the war in Iraq, or the constituents who saw past your bullshit.

You are a dispicable spineless lowlife sad excuse of a man.


  • At 6:54 AM, January 18, 2006, Blogger Beth* A. said…

    "I hope he gets thrown out of office"

    Emphasis on THROWN, preferably onto something hard and ungiving, that refuses to take ANY responsibility for the damage it causes (just like you-know-who). However, certain types of insensate objects have some excuse - Nagin, not so much. Great post, Huntress! 100% accuracy!

    O/T - Looks like T6 might be home, safe,(Praise be ;-)) by now - the other two, MAJ K (definitely) and LT C are, from what I've been able to gleen. Couldn't be happier for any other human beings than I am for these guys - you too, I bet. :-)

  • At 6:57 AM, January 18, 2006, Blogger Huntress said…

    All three have been home safe for a few days now.

    And yes...I am very very happy!


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