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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jeremy Hinzman Ordered Deported!!

TORONTO (AP) — A U.S. Army specialist who fled Fort Bragg for Canada after learning his unit was to be deployed to Iraq was ordered deported Wednesday.

Jeremy Hinzman, 29, is likely to be court-martialed when he returns to the United States and could face up to five years in prison. Hinzman said Canada's Border Services Agency ordered him to leave the country by Sept. 23 and he would be handed over to U.S. authorities.

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Way To Go, Canada!!


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  • At 5:11 AM, August 14, 2008, Blogger 11BSFC said…

    I retired this spring from the unit of the Army's 82d Airborne Division in which Hinzman "served".

    He was a slimeball with no sense of reality then, and from what I've seen in the past couple of hours, he hasn't improved any since.

    I feel sorry for his family, but sincerely hope he will be jailed after his Court Martial.

    Sergeant First Class, Infantry
    82d Airborne Division, Retired

  • At 7:20 AM, August 14, 2008, Blogger David M said…

    It's time for Hinzman to get exactly what he deserves.

    I understand that there are still a lot of big rocks at Ft Leavenworth that need to be made into small rocks.

    I've got his sledge hammer right here.


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