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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Join the "#Dontgo" Revolution !!

Great piece by Snooper at Anewtone:

There is so much happening. The Conservative Movement has capitalized on the failed and most disapproved of CONgress in United States history and San Fran Nazi Nanna Nancy is under the misconception that she can get Czarbama to waffle her way out of a scathing rebuke by the American People. Not hardly.

In an article first seen at MSLSD, the trickster and intellectually dishonest SOH is said to have instructed her underling baby democrats in the House to go ahead and lie to their constituents to get re-elected. This will ensure a rousing defeat of any plan to lower fuel prices that those stupid American People are demanding. How DARE they demand anything from her! Even though she promised to do so when she campaigned back in 2006. An observation from Right Wing Sparkle:
[...] Don't you love that? Who cares about "principles" and truth? Pelosi is telling Democrats to go ahead and say they are for drilling to get re-elected because since Democrats will be in charge, they can stop it anyway.

God, I hope the American people are paying attention to this blatant attempt to lie to them in order to win and then do the opposite of what they promised to get elected.

Politicians in general are not the most honest people, but the Democratic leadership (including Obama) right now give new meaning to the word dishonest. [END]
We can add criminally negligent in that they willfully swear their Oaths of Service under false pretenses. So much for the "most open CONgress in history" and the "most ethical CONgress in history", eh Nanna?

#Dontgo is a grassroots movement, which was broken on Free Republic, as the Freepers led the charge. From there Blog Talk Radio picked up the ball with live coverage of the GOP Sit-in last Friday, and at the same time, a buzz began on Twitter .

Today #dontgo is enjoying huge momentum, growing by the hour as it spreads throughout the blogosphere, even now attracting MSM attention & Senator McCain's support.

As such, the #dontgo movement now has Pelosi's puppets and Obama's acolytes running scared, of what they called once called "a stupid childish stunt".

Libtards - who all think they're blogging divas - have taken to promoting #dontgo trolling!! Shut down debate, rather than engage in it? That sounds about right for a Pelosi/Obama supporter!

As Eric Odom, founder of #dontgomovement.com reminds us:
The Party of tolerance is once again trolling Twitter to try and shut down #dontgo discussion.

Join the #Dontgo Revolution as we Rock The House and focus on THE most important issue effecting all Americans today - soaring fuel prices and the need to pass comprehensive energy legislation.

All we asking for is a vote!! What are the democrats so afraid of???


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  • At 9:27 PM, August 06, 2008, Anonymous Gawfer said…

    Hey DG,
    Gawfer here.

    It was me who heard Hugh Hewitt mention you on the air while talking to the host of DONTGO and the guy from Linsey Bear(?) it was about 430 PST if you wanna listen to the archive.

    Hugh read your latest update! I almost swerved off the road trying to get to the phone to call jenn to tell you because I was driving home on the wicked 91, LOL!!

    Well Done!!


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