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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Free Mark Steyn!!

Update June 28/08

CHRC dismisses Canadian Islamic case against Mark Steyn & Macleans.

The Canadian Human Rights Commission has dismissed a complaint filed by the Canadian Islamic Congress against Maclean's magazine & Mark Steyn.

A similar complaint filed with the Ontario Human Rights Commission failed when the commission ruled in April that it did not have jurisdiction to hear it.

(The CHRC is under investigation by the RCMP , by a
Privacy Commission, and a Parliamentary investigation pending!! It's about time!!! Likely this is why they dismissed the case, but regardless, the CHRC mandate is to investigate and try to settle complaints of discrimination in employment and in the provision of services within FEDERAL jurisdiction, so this complaint was out of their jurisdiction)

Strike Two for Muslim Fundamentalists! One More To Go. Let's see if the BCHRC understands the freedoms enshrined in the Canadian Charter. We know the Supreme Court of Canada does!!

Khurram Awan: Liar and Two Time Loser.

Original Post: 06/09/08

Five Feet of Fury points out this from Ezra Levant

"Khurram Awan is a serial liar"

After obfuscating for a few rounds, Awan acknowledged that he never in fact offered a "mutually acceptable" article -- that was simply an after-the-fact lie, a little bit of taqqiya that Awan et al. has told the press.

Quelle Surprise.....NOT!!

In December 2007, I wrote a piece titled " Stand Beside Mark Steyn".
Two months later, this comment was left by some one named 'Mike Savant'

I think many people do not understand why a complaint was filed against Macleans Magazine. The following YouTube link provides an interview from Khurrum Awan *himself* on the Mike Duffy Live Show explaining the facts.


After watching the video, I responded:

In discussing the article in which Mark Steyn's book "America Alone" was excerpted in Maclean's Magazine, Mike Duffy did not, as he put it "badly paraphrase" what Steyn's book is about ---he so utterly twisted and distorted the content of the book that one wonders if he actually read it or if is merely too stupid to understand it.

Now, onto Mr Awan who is obviously not a Muslim fanatic, but rather dashing, articulate, and understandably concerned about the way in which Muslims are portrayed.

Mr Awan claims that the article is inflammatory because it states that Muslims living in the West have to be feared by virtue of their numbers and because they are part of a Muslim conspiracy to take over the West, build their caliphate and subjugate Westerners.

Again this is a complete distortion of the article and, by fiat, the book, but let's discuss this aspect in particular:

"to take over the West, build their caliphate and subjugate Westerners".

Since Mr Awan feels this is inflammatory, then shouldn't the target of his suit be the clerics who in fact have stated this very goal endlessly in major newspapers and various CNN documentaries by Christiane Ammanpour---- a goal they also preach religiously in their mosques, be they in the UK, The US, Canada or Saudi Arabia.

Mr Awam also alleges that several other articles published in Maclean's about Muslims went so far as to claim that Muslims engage in sex with minors and animals, drink the blood of non believers, and that a CBC sitcom is part of a conspiracy to make Islam acceptable just like homosexuality in western society.

Now, let's look at what Mark Steyn actually wrote in that piece about the CBC series "Little Mosque on the Prairie"

"And I went on to explain that back in the nineties, sitcoms and movies began introducing gay characters who were the most likeable and got all the best lines, and that Muslims were likely to be the lucky beneficiaries of a similar dispensation. In both cases, the intent is the same: to make Islam, like homosexuality, something only uptight squares are uncool with."

Mr Awam chose to fixate on ONE line, and then took it completely out of context.

Let's look at the rest of what Mark wrote:

"I would love to see a really great Muslim sitcom. After all, one of the worst forms of discrimination is to exclude someone from the joke. Gags are one of the great pillars of a common culture...You don't have to look hard to find comedy in the Muslim world.

In a debate at Trinity College, Dublin, recently, the aforementioned Omar Brooks said that Muhammad's message to non-believers was: "I come to slaughter all of you." He meant it, but come on, you'd have to have a heart of stone not to weep with laughter.

Warming to his theme, he said, "We are the Muslims. We drink the blood of the enemy, and we can face them anywhere."

That comment "we drink the blood of the enemy" which Mr Awam managed to twist so as to read "Muslims drink the blood of non believers" in order to suit this interview-- and to justify his bogus legal action against Macleans and Mark Steyn-- was made by a BRITISH MUSLIM COMIC in London, England!!

With further regards to his claims that Macleans published articles that went so far as to claim "Muslims engage in sex with minors and animals, drink the blood of non believers and that the CBC sitcom is part of a conspiracy to make Islam acceptable just like homosexuality in western society", one has to wonder why the Muslim Canadian Congress was not angered by this article that allegedly defamed Muslims in this manner. It's interesting how we've not heard one peep from them. It seems their Muslim sensibilities were neither hurt nor offended -- perhaps because they know that was NOT what the article said.

I pulled up every article about Muslims from Maclean's online magazine, and conducted a "find" for "sex with minors and animals" and NOT ONCE did that appear in any of the 19 plus articles I searched.

Perhaps Mr Awan would be so kind as to provide the date, title, as well as copies of these articles that made these alleged claims about Muslims. I 'd be interested in seeing the context in which these claims were allegedly made, seeing as Mr Awan has a very bad habit of twisting the truth, and taking statements out of context.

This interview has only served to prove that Mike Duffy cannot comprehend what he reads, or hasn't read the articles or the book that he chooses to discuss in an interview, and that Mr Awan selectively takes sentences out of context to further his agenda, accusing Macleans of making claims that I can't seem to find in any article, and falsely attributing an inflammatory quote, not to the British MUSLIM comic who made it, but to Mark Steyn.

Khurram Awan has a bad habit of distorting the truth and outrightly lying, not only to the media and gullible talk show audiences, but also to the BC Human Rights Tribunal.

And should Mr Awan & Mr Faisel feel the need to submit my blog for censorship by the Tribunal-- because ---heaven forbid-- I dared to discuss this absurd lawsuit and point out the the truth about Mr Awan's lies, then I'll simply refer them and the Tribunal to the provocative and courageous Irshad Manji's revelations about the trouble with Islam.

Ms Manji, a Canadian lesbian and Muslim, endured excessive hate mail, threats and and fatwas issued against her BY MUSLIMS for daring to engage in her own-itjihad --the concept of self examination and inquiry, when she published her book aptly titled " The Trouble With Islam".

What is about 'free speech that too many Muslims don't get or like?

Do Faisel Joseph and Khurram Awan plan on taking her to the Human Rights Commission and parsing every sentence she wrote in 2003 in which she calls for "reformation and tolerance in the ISLAMIC world" and --in what now seems to be a case of "deja vu all over again" -- writes:

"What I do hear from you, is that Muslims are the target of backlash. In France, Muslims have actually taken an author to court for calling Islam "the most stupid religion". Apparently he is inciting hate. So we assert our rights - something most of us wouldn't have in Islamic countries. But is the french guy wrong to write that Islam needs to grow up? What about the Koran's incitement of hate against Jews? Shouldn't Muslims who invoke the Koran to justify anti-Semitism be themselves open to a lawsuit?

What makes us righteous and everybody else racist?"
Isn't that the question the BCHRT should pose to Mr. Awan and Mr.Joseph?
" Not soley because of Sept 11, but more urgently because of it, we've got to end Islam's totalitarianism, particularly the gross human rights violation against women and minorities. As I view it, the trouble with Islam is that lives are small and lies are big."
Ms Manji speaks truth to the power. Are you listening Khurram Awan? More importantly is the BC Human Rights Commission listening???


Read what the Muslim Canadian Congress has to say about this Canadian Islamic Council

The Muslim Canadian Congress has welcomed the decision by the Ontario Human Rights Commission not to proceed with complaints filed against Maclean’s magazine related to an article where the Canadian Islamic Congress had alleged that the magazine had violated their human rights.

However, the MCC is disappointed that the OHRC has become the virtual organ of Canada’s Islamist organizations and that it has taken sides in the bitter struggle within Canada’s Muslim community where sharia-supporting Islamists are pitted against liberal and secular Muslims.

In a statement, the President of the MCC, Farzana Hassan said, the OHRC decision had the finger prints of its pro-Islamist commissioners who have close association with the Canadian Islamic Congress. It is not just the commissioners, but we have reason to believe that there are staff on the OHRC that support sharia law and endorse the CIC’s positions.

Had the OHRC restricted itself to the legality of the issue, the MCC would have no problem with its decision. But in editorializing and coming out to bat for Canada's Islamists, the OHCR is sending a very dangerous message to moderate Muslims who reject Sharia and do not take inspiration from overseas Islamic countries or groups.

On the one hand the OHRC criticizes Macleans for "portraying Muslims as all sharing the same negative characteristics," but then does the same thing by perpetuating the Islamist
myth that Muslims in Canada are a persecuted group. Those of us Muslims who do not share this addiction of victimhood, seem to have no resonance with the OHCR.

The MCC finds it shameful that the OHCR would use Islamist supplied information in a blog discussion that called for "the mass killing, deportation or conversion of Muslim Canadians" and position it as reflective of the view of media and ordinary Canadians.

The OHCR decision must be cause for celebration in Osama Bin Laden's cave and among the soldiers of the world Jihadi movement that love to spread the falsehood that Canada is at war with Islam and that Muslims in Canada live under a cloud of racism and persecution.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

*bold & underline added for emphasis*


  • At 2:03 AM, June 06, 2008, Blogger PelaLusa said…

    A brilliant post you've made! I met Mark Steyn in person today and he would be proud of everything you've written.

    As for Mr. Awan, his credibility and honesty has been publicly thrown into great question this week. I invite you to read (and listen) to this. As you alluded to, Ezra Levant has taken to calling him a serial liar. I think we're all beginning to learn why.

  • At 6:30 AM, June 06, 2008, Blogger Huntress said…

    What scares me is that even though Awan has been proven to be a liar, the Kangaroo Court is still indulging this ludicrous lawsuit, free speech is Canada is becoming increasingly limited, and the I fear the BCHRC will ultimately rule in favor of the whining, lying, plaintiffs.

    This is a sad moment in Canada's history!

  • At 11:55 AM, June 06, 2008, Blogger PelaLusa said…

    Let's face facts: Any "court" where facts and the truth are not defense will never render a fair & impartial verdict. So, if truth is not a defense then it's pretty much a moot point that Mr. Awan has been caught lying many times.

    However, if Maclean's loses then they can take the case to a REAL court where they can subpoena Awan's statements from day to day and his honesty (or lack thereof) will become a significant factor.

    As an aside, I'm sure that some appreciate a lawyer who is willing to lie when it helps their case. I don't though. I've always felt that a person's honesty is a true sign of their character and dare I say it ... their honour.


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