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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Greg Mitchell: A Liberal Censors A Liberal

For the party that whines endlessly about protecting free speech, that insists they do not believe in censorship ( except for censoring Christians) and that constantly brags about being "progressive", they certainly lack a sense of humor, and they obviously don't walk their talk.

Liberals have now taken to censoring other liberals. As if that comes as a surprise to anyone!

Via Michelle Malkin:

Via Free Republic and Newsbusters comes news that the Austin American Statesman has caved into nutroots pressure to yank a front-page feature poking gentle fun at the Netroots Nation/Kossack blog convention last week. Who led the charge to censor the piece? Editor and Publisher’s Greg Mitchell, who whined about the article in a blog post at the Daily Kos (!) and then gloated about his role in yanking of the “snarky” article in E&P.

From Greg Mitchell over at E & P

Beach described the gathering in stereotypes that better fit the aging Old Left of years ago than the much younger Netroots of today. I mean, how many of these bloggers have ever read much of Chomsky, as he suggested?

When Beach, at the start referred to the crowd as "marauding liberals" I knew it was not to be taken literally. But then we got this:

-- The audience nearly staged a "faint-in" when Gore appeared (note use of '60s term).

-- Pelosi is so far left her title should include "(D-Beijing)." This would come as a surprise to many in the crowd who have criticized her timidity – and posed hostile questions in the Q & A..

-- The liberal blogosphere is "terribly self-confirming" -- not like the mainstream media! In a contradiction, he then noted that at the conference they "critiqued themselves."

-- Paul Krugman, as if to "galvanize stereotypes," wore Birkenstocks -- but Beach throughout the article clearly needed no help in having his own stereotypes galvanized.

-- It's shooting fish in a barrel "to paint liberals as overly intellectual types incapable of having fun unless reading Noam Chomsky counts, and its sure does for them." In fact, the convention was practically "party central," few attendees were "intellectuals," and only a tiny percentage, I would guess, are Chomsky lovers -- again, an outmoded stereotype.

-- Those who protested during the Pelosi/Gore "faint-in" were "shushed" as if they were at a Nanci Griffith concert. I certainly know who she is, but I can imagine most of these particular attendees reading this reference and asking, "Who???"

-- One more reference to Liberals Don't Wanna "have fun." And so on.

It was the front-page placement that irked me.

Let's face it, what really irked Greg was that Patrick Beach was spot on!!

Seems like Greg, along with the rest of the whiny kossacks, can't handle the truth about themselves or their NetRoot Convention.

After the nutroots of Netroot's threw a hissy fit, the Austin American -Statesmen caved into the whiners demands, took down the piece and offered an apology.

So after managing the coup of censoring one of their own, what did the uber enlightened, thin skinned, humorless Greg Mitchell then do?

He took to G- L -O- A -T- I -N- G!

Ahhh...don't you just love "progressive liberals".


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