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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Hollywood Vs. America

As Fox explores this theme tonite in a special hosted by John Gibson, I am reminded that I met many "closet" conservatives who worked in Hollywood during the time I did, and who were concerned of "Hollywood style retribution" should their conservative politics and values be made known!

The bond between Acting and Activism was born in the 60's. Being "right wing" during that time was the kiss of death, and it still is today. I have chatted on line with a certain "hott" actor, who hiding behind the mask of a screen name, is more than willing to share his right wing conservative political perspective and christian religious beliefs, but fears his career will be jeopardized if he comes out from behind the anonymity of a screen name.

But does the fact that Hollywood is more liberal than conservative mean it's not in touch with the America?

We need to remember that not all Americans are republicans, conservative, or christian. Clearly, Hollywood can't be that out of touch .... it's a $7 billion industry!

What's fair to say is that collectively Hollywood, like the MSM, has a liberal bias,a very BIG liberal bias. So by fiat, she ( collectively Hollywood is referred to in the feminine) filters her stories through a liberal lens.

Advancing a conservative agenda in Hollywood is challenging but not impossible.
There are many conservatives working in Hollywood.
There is a large conservative market waiting to be tapped, as evidenced by the huge audiences that both country music and talk radio attract, and which generate huge revenues.

Therefore, there is no reason why conservative themed films and tv shows, that reflect conservative values about family, home, religion, politics, lifestyle, in a positive light, rather than condescending and disparaging way Hollywood traditional portrays conservatives, can't be hughly successful.

"Touched By An Angel" "Highway to Heaven" and most recently, one of the highest rated shows on the WB Network, "7th Heaven" about a minister dad and his stay-at-home wife, who are busy raising 7 children and caring for their various friends, boyfriends and girlfriends who pass through the Camden home, and remain balanced while dealing with today's problems, from teen suicide to gang violence, by focusing on conservative family values and having a strong faith in God; have all proven to be hughly successful in attracting audiences and generating revenue!

And no matter what the message is, Hollywood always follows the money!



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