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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Gunners Palace

Michael Tucker, who's soon to be released documentary "Gunner Palace" now has clips one can view online, poses a great question when he wonders how the Iraq experience will be defined in twenty years; "Will the voices of those who were there shape the collective narrative or will we see the experience through lens of Hollywood? "

Having come into the knowledge that "No True Glory" was changed to include MORE deaths than really occured.( and should now be named " Its Too Gory"),I know that if the Iraq experience is only be seen through the lens of Hollywood..then the distorted image presented will be an insult to the men and women that served bravely, especially to those that paid the ultimate price.

I am hopeful that in this new age of "bloggers" the voices of those that are there now, will grow louder, and continue to honestly shape the narrative well into the future.

If you want to ask Michael Tucker questions relating to the docu...head over to Blackfive's site(www.blackfive.net) to learn how to email in your questions.


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