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Saturday, February 19, 2005

What the fuck did we do?

I have no idea why all the liberal backlash has been so vitrolic over the resignation of Eason Jordan. Calling bloggers a "fanatical angry lynch mob" is a great way to deflect from the reality of the situation: Anyone reading Bernard Goldbergs two books "BIAS" and "ARROGANCE" should know that liberal bias in the MSM is a fact of life, and that it is through that distorted lens of liberal bias, that "facts" are presented.

Fact: CNN has a HUGE LIBERAL BIAS! FULL STOP! Eason's remarks not only reflect his personal liberal bias- but the networks' agenda aimed at undermining Pres. Bush and the credibility of the Iraqi elections, the war on terror, the many successes in both Iraq and Afghanistan, the spread of democracy and freedom, and at denying the highest standards to which over 99% of the 300000 troups operate within as part of their day to day credo, so it should come as no surprise that those of us who know the truth no longer allow journalists and editors, to not be held accountable for their words and actions.

Eason Jordan's comments strongly implied that the military deliberately and willfully, with full knowledge and intent, targeted and murdered reporters, and have engaged in a massive cover up of these actions.

That is a reprehensible accusation to make...and is complete baseless!
Eason knows that ! Thats why he made the comment in the sheltered environment of Davos-rather than in a very public venue or even as part of an investigative report for CNN.

And let me assure everyone that if Eason has said that Jews or Blacks deliberately targeted reporters and killed them.....you bet that everyone in those two communities, led by the ACLU and the Jewish Defense league, would have "lynched" Eason; demanding his resignation immediately under the threat of defamation lawsuits.The fact that he accused the Military of such actions does not exonorate him.

I see nothing wrong, or indicative of a "hate mob", in what bloggers did pursuing this story, and asking Eason to come clean, to own up and offer irrefutable proof of what he said, and then to substantiate his allegations.

The fact that the blogger who was present at Davos felt the need to report what Eason said BECAUSE he KNEW that NO ONE else would since "they protect their own" speaks volumes to what was truly said and implied by Eason.

Its appalling to me that liberal Americans will allow terrorists, who are hell bent on killing Americans and destroying America values, the same legal protections that all law abiding Americans are entitled too; but when outraged bloggers demand an investigation into what Eason said and demand that he substantiate his accusations with proof, the MSM and liberals describe us an angry lynch mob that had no justification for what we did!!
What the fuck did we do?
Did we demand his resignation?
We simply asked that the tapes be made public to acertain the truth and that the Eason be held accountable for his comments by providing UNEQUIVICABLE PROOF to support his allegations.

The fact that Eason resigned without even attempting to offer up proof of his innocence and has yet to offer proof of his allegations is NOT the fault of the bloggers,but rather the RESULT of Eason's own biased incompetent actions, misleading allegation, and baseless accusations.


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