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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Potential Impact Of Blogging On Gov't

Sgt.Chris Missick wrote an excellent commentary on the above topic. Head over to his blog to read it entirely. He ends his post with the following:

Perhaps it will be blogs that bridge the gap of winning the minds of Americans that I was speaking about a few days ago.

No matter who we are in life...we always understand it through the lens of our own preconceived ideas...but if every piece of information you receive is tilted only in one direction, that view will always remain skewed.

What I find is that most people are too damn lazy to inform themselves by researching out diverse opinions: its easier to be spoon-fed ideas, thoughts, opinions especially when they resonate with whatever personal ideas, thoughts, opinions one may hold.

What University taught me was how to seek out the information I needed; how to educate myself- how to research effectively, listen to diverse opinions and how to decimate truth from hype...to recognize a hidden agenda.

What life has taught me is that the Only constant is change.

Once an opinion is formed, I am willing to let it go when when time, and altered circumstances, reveal something deeper or different.

In the 60's the credo was: tune in -turn on -drop out!

Today the credo is: log on-seek out-join in

Only when one is willing to do just that,can one truly be informed and be made privy to a broader landscape and a more balanced narrative.

In order to have a relationship with knowledge and truth, one must have the Will to pursue it and the Grace to receive it.


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