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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Torture or "Fear Factor"

Bugs in a box, slapping, simulating drowning, placing detainees in close proximity to an animal they find intimidating...this is torture?

Sounds more like episodes of "Fear Factor" where "stunts" meant to challenge the contestants mentally involved ingesting a revolting animal, such as a cockroach, or being covered in tarantulas. It also involved getting close to an animal which many people would find intimidating and one stunt even required contestants to climb through a simulated electrical substation with "electrified wires" replete with simulated sparks and electrical sounds added in post-processing.

Contestants were willing to undergo these "tortuous acts" for the almighty dollar and Americans by the millions were willing to watch them do so, week after week for six years.

Yet today Americans claim to be horrified by these same practices when used on captured enemy combatants i.e. TERRORISTS to extract information in order to save American lives.

Let me be clear -to use Obama's favorite expression- it was okay for American citizens to undergo these "stunts" for the almighty dollar, and for Americans to view these stunts weekly for six years - but its NOT okay for these same "stunts" to be used on terrorists to extract information that CAN, WILL & HAS saved the lives of Americans and prevented another attack on our soil?

Wasn't NBC's slogan during that time "Must See TV" ?

I guess for millions of hypocrites, particularly, Human Rights Activists, Progressives, the Hollywood elite, the NY Times editorial staff, left wing loons, and a long list of Democrat voters, torture is only torture when its NOT entertainment.

Can we indite NBC, the host Joe Rogan, and the sponsors of "Fear Factor" for allowing these same acts now deemed " torture" to be inflicted on hundreds of willing participants for 6 years?

Can we indite the human right activists and MILLIONS OF AMERICANS who tuned in weekly in record numbers to watch the same "torturous acts" being played out on "Fear Factor" for 6 years?

Just asking.


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